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Moved here about 4 months ago for a job. Now I'm trying to decide whether to move this summer. My preference is something with a lot of mid to late twenty somethings. Also, close to transit, so I can get to work or around the city easy enough. Right now I'm living in the Queens Quay area which is pretty boring but at least close to the subway.

What are the best neighborhoods in the city?

I was thinking the Annex.

Also, I'm looking to make some more friends, any suggestions how to meet some new people here? Now that I'm out of school I have no idea how to meet people. Sort of creepy to approach random guys and ask if they want to be friends.
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+ 1 on the Annex for your age group.

To meet people, take some grad classes at U of T. If you have any hobbies, join a group. If you like bowling, join a league. Become involved in political, church or volunteer work. Friendships come from sharing mutually interesting activity.
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Go to clubs every Friday and Saturday night like at Guv, Muzik and etc.

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This thread's also of interest to me as i'm moving to Toronto next year from London (England not Ontario) and despite having spent a couple of weeks in the city previously, have little knowledge of where would be a good place to live for a late twenties, single bloke.
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Problem is I'm no good at most sports, but oh well, I'll give it a try. I don't know about da' club thing, you ever go to a club by yourself?

So Annex is a win?

Joe Camel you can message me when you get here if you are looking for a friend.
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hey guy, welcome to the city. search the forum since i know there have been a few threads about where to live for young people in the city. Annex is good, summer sublets should be cheap. there's always other places like queen/king west, even Yonge/Eglinton area, just depends on your lifestyle really.

as for meeting people, I know it's not easy, I feel you bro. look into classes for stuff like yoga, or join a jogging group, etc. lookup activities in the city (see spoiler below) and then whenever you see people at work, or regulars at various places you can invite them out to events. Also constantly ask people what they're up to and eventually they'll start inviting you out with them.

also, PM me since I'm around (busy though) and we'll try to find a time to meet up, plus I've been threatening to organize a SF gathering for years so maybe that'll happen this summer.

blogs and stuff to look for what's happening around the city: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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Hey man thanks that's real nice of you. I'll PM you some time. I have a few friends here but I just feel like I need some more to keep me busy. A meetup would be great. I'm sure there's a lot of like minded guys on here.

I'm going to try joining some classes at my gym I think to start: hot yoga, zumba, etc. Ha, just kidding, but maybe some cycling or something. Not sure yet. Also, I think for sure I got to get into an intramural league of some sort, so I'll add that to my list. I know all this shit is obvious but I really just needed people to say "go do this:".

By the way, that's a legit looking list, I'm going to crawl though it. Thanks everyone!
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I come along on top of this : I just moved to Toronto as well one week ago.
Do you guys have any good tip about the city regarding stores, bars, restaurants, clubs, galeries, etc?

That'd be cool to do a SF mee-up this summer.
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I moved to Toronto two years ago and find its full of small burroughs with lots of personality. I live in Etobicoke which is an odd mix of Victorian cottages and low income housing. Very odd place but I really like it. The Annex is pretty amazing. I also love Little Italy.

I found this thread looking for Toronto thrifting advice, I'm not finding much, should I start a thread?
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