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Which deodorant do you prefer?
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This past year i splurged a little on deodorant and bought Lab Series($14 for the large size). After using it I realized i hadn't splurged at all; the quality is so much better than the drug store brands making the purchase worth it. Never again will i go back to Old Spice or Speed Stick. If you never tried a premium deodorant you don't know what your missing.
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I use Nivea and like it a lot...But I am a huge fan of Lab Series products, so I might just have to try their deodorant as well.
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For the money, you can't beat the protection of Mitchum.
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I'll second the nomination for Mitchum. It gets the job done, and it does not leave a stain.
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Mitchum Are we talking about that Mitchum? It's only $3-4 according to drugstore.com. I can't stand the smell of most deodorants and anti-perspirants found at local drug stores. I like to use scented deodorants but only if I want to wear that particular cologne that day. I'll keep an eye out for that Mitchum product if we are on the same page. Thanks for the recommendation. Eldridge
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Yup. That's it. Cheap, effective, and easy to obtain .... what more could you ask for?
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I've tried Mitchum, and it just didn't work for me. The protection didn't last. Its probably a body chemistry thing. However, I recently picked up some Arm & Hammer Ultramax, and all I can say is: wow. They advertise it as 36-hour protection, and they actually mean it. Plus, its unscented, which is important to me (so it doesn't mix negatively with whatever scent I'm wearing). I've been seeing it all over town lately, so it shouldn't be hard to find. And its quite cheap.
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what about a deodorant that doesnt have a scent, or stains shirts? also, what about when you wear sleevless shirts, like a tank. will this deodorant show (does it leave a mark on you)? thanks in advance.
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I use deodorant made by D.R. Harris. The stuff really works and it has no aluminum, so it won't stain your shirts.
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Yves Saint Laurent's Body Kouros is the best I've ever used. The price is rather high though, at $32, but the quality is assured.
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