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that balaclava sweater is sick. gotta love punchy design.
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Originally Posted by habitant View Post

I like folks aesthetic.. but their clothes are poorly made.. overpriced

+1 their knit knitwear could be A LOT better, for the price.

I haven't had any problem with shorts and shoes etc. other than the buttons keep falling of.
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got the rain mac from the past season.  amazing.  got size 3 but maybe thinking of getting size 4 for my next one.  anyone experience both sizes?  also, was the blue weave like shirt from page 1 this season or from the f/w?

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I've purchased these three items




I've found the quality to be good, but would hesitate to purchase at full retail.
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just as heads up, theres some nice Folk stuff on yoox, especially if you're a size 5.
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scalloped dot shirt came in today.  its dope.  too bad they forgot to finish the button holes on the arm....

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Really love the pattern on the dot-print shirt:


Would have been a great pick-up at $130 from the Mr. Porter sale, but they only had a 4 when I saw it.

I've got no experience with the brand, but it seems like they've got some interesting alternatives in shirts for those who are burnt out on the plaid/flannel/gingham schtick.
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It matches your avatar lol
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Anyone have one of these Folk Cozy Cardigans they want to part with?  Hit me up!


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Hey guys,

Just a heads up. I have the Folk Rain Mac that was really popular last season for sale in my signature. take a looksey!
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