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Official Folk Thread

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I've been thinking about making this thread for awhile, and finally decided today that I should.

I love Folk. Probably my favorite brand at the moment.

Folk is a British workwear brand that's has interesting, quirky takes on a lot of classic pieces. The materials and fabrics are always fantastic, construction is decent and the fits are slim and modern.

Webstores that carry it:

Union Made :
Frances May :
Mortar :
Mr. Porter :
Lyonstate :
Need Supply :
Folk Clothing : (official webstore)
Revolve Clothing :
Context Clothing :

Folk sizing:

Folk doesn't use XS-XL sizing, they do numbered sizing. Most pieces fit true to size.

It works out to be:

2 - 36
3 - 38
4 - 40
5 - 42
6 - 44

Anyway, some pieces I'd love to pick up, funds permitting.


Washed Down Track Short


Taped Jacket

Anyway this is just a start.

Let me know other stores that carry it/stuff to add to the OP.
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Recent fit pic with Folk pants (size 4):


these pants are awesome. the fabric is really thick and soft, and I love the taped seams (both in and out) for the flash or white when you turn up the cuffs.

I also appreciate the front pocket construction. IMO most chinos have waaay too deep pockets, these are nice and shallow so when you use them it doesn't distort the whole silhouette.


close up the cuffs.
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i feel you Teger!


Folk is awesome and so are some of the lesser known European brands (dun get mention often here) which are real gems as well.


If you need a quick fix for Folk, there are quite a few british webstores that stock it and you can take advantage of the 20% off VAT for shipping outside the EU


Nice fit on the trousers btw! fistbump.gif

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Here's a few more stores:

Union Made :
Frances May :
Mortar :

Don't own anything from them, yet, but they seem to make a lot of good stuff.
Edit: Their 100+ dollar t-shirts are a little absurdly priced, though.
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Double post, sorry.
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oi polloi and end carry them as well.
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updated the OP. thanks guys.
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I like folks aesthetic.. but their clothes are poorly made.. overpriced and oddly sized.
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I don't think they're poorly made. all the stuff I have from them has been really well constructed.. taped seams, reinforced buttons, etc. also the sizing has been consistent - a 4 fits well in everything I've bought, except a shirt which I might get rid of.
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Checked out Folk at a little store in Amsterdam last fall, I thought the knits and coats I saw were nicely made for the price point.
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I have one piece from them, and to my mind the construction and materials are top notch.

As for other stockists, please add:
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added. wish the shirt I'm selling fit. if anyone sees it in a 5 holla at me.
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Another store - my local place, and they've stocked folk for many years.
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glad you started this, teger! Folk doesn't have enough 'philosophy' to generate the commentary that the yohji thread gets, but it's still good to have a reference.

In my experience sizing can vary from shirts to outerwear, so I would advise buying multiple sizes granted you can return.

I'm gonna try to get some photos of my folk stuff for the thread.

OK, so this piece I got on sale for a great price around $150 or something from like $250. This particular shirt had significant markup because of the special japanese flannel they used. It's unbelievably soft and thick and I got one in each color wink.gif


I also got this white rain mac. had to size up one from the shirt size above. great details, taped seams, waxed or ventile?


Also have this blue corduroy 'riding jacket'. nice material and color.


Also have this speckled black rollneck, where the neck rolls out into a balaclava

So i think you can see the quirk that folk uses; it's fun but still looks refined IMO.
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I have a Folk Rainmac from SS11. I've found the construction and materials to to top notch. This thing is as weatherproof as I could ever need it to be. The only problem has been a yellow discolouration on the white plastic material inside the hood....
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