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Question about shoes...

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Hi, My name is Max and I've been lurking around for a few months. I'm just starting to build a decent wardrobe and I'm looking to buy a decent quality shoe. I've read alot about construction methods and I've decided to buy a goodyear shoe. The trouble is that I live in Brazil, so I can't buy the brands that people talk about here, and I'm a noobie, so I can't really tell if the shoes that are being sold on the stores really are goodyear welted, and if the leather used is any good. I asked the clerk who works at the brazilian Brooks Brothers of sorts and he told me that the shoe's soles are stiched AND glued, so I was left wandering if goodyear shoes soles are glued to the insoles at all or if the outsole is held in place exclusively by the stiches... All responses are apreciated, and excuse my English.
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Here is some classic SF. Not sure if all the pics are still coming through.
Blake-stitched shoes have an upper, an insole, and a sole - like a welted shoe. But they do not have a welt. The insole (which is flat – no feather) and upper are attached to the last. Then the sole is glued on and a single row of machine-stitching is used to stitch through and attach the sole, the insole, and the upper.
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Just post some pictures of the shoes you are interested in purchasing. Include the inside with serial numbers, the sole, and from several side / top angles. Odds are good that someone will recognize the shoe. Even if no one recognizes it, from good pictures people can get an idea of the quality.
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