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Stretch marks

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Recently, I weighted in at 225 pds..but i felt horrible about my body image, and being only 5'10 i was over weight, and felt it to..so i decided to do something about it..i started exercising and what have you, but I have these nasty, light red, but very noticable stretch marks and it's very bother some, but i cant understand why i cant get them to go away, even after losing 40 pds....please could anyone give me some advice about products that could help, heal the marks?
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Cocoa butter is supposed to be good, anecdotally. I'd recommend checking maternity-oriented websites and see what they're recommending for new moms. However it works for them, it ought to do the same for you.
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Thanks a lot, I appreciate the quick response.
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Mustela makes a great stretch mark cream.  They will never fully go away but you can make them a little better by using a stretch mark minimizing cream for a while.  You can lighten them up.  Depending on teh severity and your financial position there is a laser process that can make them almost unnoticeable. the Fashion Spot
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I have some nasty stretch marks around my arms and chest. Although they never fully go away, Vitamin E lotion will help fade them. You can buy it at any drug store.
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