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Lamp for lc3 and table for eames lounge suggestions needed.

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I have an LC3 armchair on order, while that's being shipped I'm starting to think of what else I would like to see with it, and I would appreciate the forums opinions on it. It's in a sitting area by itself, I will likely build a table for it. The table will be ebony veneer with a lacquer finish. I can't figure out exactly what I would like to use as a lamp in the area. I can install a pendant, and was considering either the hmb 25/500 or the hmb 25/300.

There is a bar In the immediate area that I will eventually replace the stools with something else, quite possibly the four seasons barstool.

Also, I'm looking for suggestions on a side table that looks great with an eames lounge and ottoman in white Edelman all grain. It's in a sitting area by itself at the moment.
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I suppose my domicile is simply too boring for the input of SF. I will continue mixing Danish modern and Bauhaus with my own design.
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for the lounger, another Eames design

many different colors


what is the white edelman all grain?

can't find it on their website

if it's the white ash, the table is made in white ash


I have one of these

the molded plywood might go with the chair nicely


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It's a special option of leather available for the lounge, it's in walnut not white ash. I like the eames lounge, but the remainder of Herman millers moulded plywood line doesn't do much for me.

In mafoo's apartment thread Labelking had an excellent suggestion as an alternative to the often over-specified Saarinen table, I'm looking for similar ideas but in this context. This forum has a spectacular ability to source the obscure luxuries that exist out there, if it's not too arrogant to ask for such a thing, I'd like to tap into that knowledge base for this.

I like the classics but don't want to over use them innmy place. I want there still to be room for an eames aluminum executive chair in the office, a wishbone chair in black or moller 62 in the entryway, four season's barstools and a few other classics like Brno chairs and maybe a swan chair without crowding and feeling like the entire house was sourced at DWR.
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PH-lamp in coordinating colours?
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I just put a black wishbone chair in the hallway leading up to the room, since it's a place fr putting on shoes. I like it.

We have the PH's at work, I was sort of underwhelmed by them.
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One of these might look good next to the Eames lounge. I like the idea of having a lighter looking side table since the chair is so substantial.





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Thank you for awesome suggestions, who makes the first table and the I-beam table?
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I really like 1stdibs because nothing is cookie cutter, and it is very easy to get away from the "dwr" look.
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I think they bring together alot of peices, that when used creatively and among other things can look fantastic, especially if you like Bauhaus, MCM or Danish modern. I like all three, but also a lot of luxury and antiques that don't fit the ideal modern image.

I like the rosewood i-beam, very cool.
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Yeah I like that too, and it seems like it's pretty easy to puts together if you know how to work with with wood.
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Too bad 1st dibs is so fucking expensive.
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