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Originally Posted by quaker13 View Post

Funny, but true. I have always been the flashiest among all my friends and i wear that douchey belt proudly. To quote from another forum:
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
while i love your quote in your sig....... your comment is fairly naive.

at what point do you draw the line on "you shouldnt be flashy or look like a billboard" concept?

are you not allowed to wear a jersey from your favorite team because you look like their billboard?

would you debadge your R8 you have in your avatar? you wouldnt want people to think you are a billboard for audi right

well thats not good enough, people still know it is expensive... i guess you should not even own it, because it looks like youre trying to showoff 


you will have to get a honda or something less flashy right?

oh wait, there are poor people in 3rd world countries that will never own a 

, so compared to them, even owning a honda would be way too flashy and showing off.... 

where does it end?

maybe you should just live in a cave with no 

, and make your own clothes from animal skins that you caught with your bare hands.

and if "wealth whispers" then you might want to mention that to the folks on the forbes list who own planes, yachts, mansions, etc.. maybe you should tell 

 or paul alen that they "dont look boss" because they buy flashy things that show off their money.

when it comes down to it... whether you want to show your support of a brand you appreciate, or whether you want to just remain completely anonymous as to who you support, the most important 
point is that you should wear whatever the **** you want, and dont give a shit what other people think
... that is about as manly as you can get.

Then mine:

Couldn't agree with this more. I actually think the Hermes belt would be best for jeans or business attire. I think people can get caught up in a false association between subtlety and class. All things subtle don't equate to prestige and refinement and and all things ostentatious or less than subtle don't equal trash. For instance, I like gold. I make no apologies for it and if someone thinks otherwise fvck em. There are people that think the experience of drinking $1500 bottles of red wine is at the apex of refinement. How can this be when there are several double blind randomized control studies that suggest that among even the most sophisticated wine drinkers there was almost no distinction made between good $15 wine and a $1000 wine. The continued practice of buying expensive wine despite knowing the aforementioned 

 seems particularly garish and ostentatious, but who cares since it is not our money. I say that to say me 'showing off' in a $800 belt doesn't make me any more douchey than someone wearing a non-descript $400 belt under the guise of being on a higher plain of sophistication.

Judging by your past posts I think it's safe to say you are an aspiring troll. That said, the ubiquity of these belts on the internet and IRL tells me that people might actually believe what you have posted. So, I'll take the bait.

Firstly, a Hermès “H” belt is the first thing a guy buys after he buys his last Ed Hardy shirt. You think you’ve taken a big step towards personal style, but in reality you’re still the same douche. The fact that you acknowledge it as "douchey" tells you a great deal about who you are and what you feel comfortable wearing. Why would you wear something knowing full well that you are being looked down upon for doing so? Are you being ironic? Are you projecting? I think member Holdfast might be able to lend more to that discussion.

Secondly, the post you submitted "from another forum" is fundamentally misguided; at least when applied to the ethos and purpose of this forum. Classic menswear is all about understatement. It's about clean lines, artistry and details. All of these things need to work together for something to look appropriate and complete. The idea of things working together so well, that you're unable to put your finger on why you like a look. So, wearing a gaudy, showy belt completely ruins this effort. The belt becomes the center of your fit. And, conveniently, it just happens to be a big H to let everyone know how rich you are. Any continuity or harmony in a classic, understated look has now been ruined.

The Hermès “H” belt was created for the misguided and self-conscious. While the rest of Hermès' offerings are understated and allow their craftsmanship to do that talking, the "H" belt stands alone as an offering for people that can't be content with just having the best. They must show it off. The designer (or executive) who thought this up for Hermès is no doubt a very smart man. There are tons of stupid and insecure people out there and they need the validation and recognition that a luxury brand brings. It shows you've arrived, but generally stems from a lack of security about how you got there.

There is no doubt in my mind that there are millions of people that will think higher of you for owning and wearing a Hermès "H" belt, however sad that realization is. However, do know that these people have no concept of why they like the belt, aside from the fact that it creates a classist divide and establishes the idea that you are noticeably better than a poor person. And, unlike houses or yachts or fine wines, which are meant to be enjoyed in private by the owner, your belt is clearly and uncomfortably shoe-horned into your look to make a point. A point, I'm afraid, that is not respectable on any level.
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That's a terrific post. I completely agree.
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Originally Posted by bengal-stripe View Post

But can you hand-stitch with a different colour on either side? biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif
To use an equestrian metaphor: "It's horses for courses!"

No, but the benefits of handstitching out weight not being able to make double sided belts IMHO so I'm happy making single sided belts that dont fall to bits 'smile.gif

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Originally Posted by Equus Leather View Post

No, but the benefits of handstitching out weight not being able to make double sided belts IMHO so I'm happy making single sided belts that dont fall to bits 'smile.gif


I knew about the stitching but not that all belts with such a buckle are reversible. Nice illustration though. I agree with Charlie that hand stitching outweighs the double sidedness of the belt. By the way for a belt that is not handstitched and does not have a Sterling Silver buckle prices are outrageous. The rest of Hermès is obviously outstanding but the belts are horrible.
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That was a nice film. Thanks for sharing that Medwed.
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I think it is not worth unless the H is all in Silver 925

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It's only douchey when you tuck the shirt in like this to explicitly show off the H.
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Originally Posted by lepermessiah View Post

It's only douchey when you tuck the shirt in like this to explicitly show off the H.

When you're at Ronaldo's level, you do whatever you want.

In all seriousness, the H is ridiculous; I'm surprised Hermes does it, tbh. The interchangeable leather belts themselves are fun, and of great quality.
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Well obviously Ronaldo can actually afford the belt and then some. I doubt the average citizen has even heard of Hermes anyways. If was an LV on a Louis Vuitton, more people would be able to recognize it as it is far more ubiquitous than Hermes.
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Yes, he is unquestionably a douche and the H is tacky... and Yet, he gets this:



So the possibilities are 1) this is due to the compelling power of the "H" or 2) Ronaldo is a football player who makes an f-ing truckload of money and when he took his shirt off after the Champions league win the internet died due to excited chicks.


Given that option 2) is out of the question for me, I for one am going to be buying one of these belts right now :tounge:

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Originally Posted by lepermessiah View Post

It's only douchey when you tuck the shirt in like this to explicitly show off the H.

i love christian ronaldo he got good sense of style

look at him top to bottom Gucci even his buddy is wearing top to bottom Gucci

now thats what I call Gucci style

more Gucci from Christian Ronaldo

i am sorry for hijacking this thread i think this man deserved his own thread all about Christian Ronaldo and Gucci
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You Sir have made Ronaldo look entirely unattractive. On behalf of regular men everywhere, I thank you. :slayer:

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His nickname should be Gucci Man
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Originally Posted by lepermessiah View Post

His nickname should be Gucci Man

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