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hermes belts

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Has anyone got a Hermes 'H' belt? What are thoughts on SF about them .. is it a classic piece or a bit 'eurotrash'?


Prices are ridiculous though .. £540 ?! censored.gifSeems a bit of a rip-off?



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I hate them

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They are in every way the most base method of displaying wealth.

The leather used is amazing, but the leather costs about $150. The Golden H? $550, just so that people know you're the kind of guy to spend $550 on a belt.

Don't do it, people will either think you're a gullible fool who got conned or a tool who wants people to think he's loaded.
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Wouldn't be caught dead in one.
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nice belts, especially if you're the flashy type.

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Hermes "H" belts are quite popular here. But they're not 500 quid ones though...more like 5 quid.
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Originally Posted by perfectson View Post

nice belts, especially if you're the flashy type.

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You should get one and just tell people the H stands for heterosexual.
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Dont do it.
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quality wise, they're probably the best I've seen and owned. the big H buckle is exclusively the province of douchebags, so I think you should just avoid those. Hermes does make different, more tasteful buckles that are good options. my Hermes belt is a "normal" looking buckle but I do love the craftsmanship (I believe the material is palladium)
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The H belts are overpriced in an effort to keep the status or allure of owning one high. I love the leather, the fact they are reversible, and even some of the buckles are cool. But I don't really find them appropriate in most settings....too showy.
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Hermes make great belts. but the Big 'H', speaks douchebag like no other

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