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Creme de la mer

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Hello, I realize that Creme de la Mer is more of a women's brand but it seems also to be unisex. Anyways has anybody used their cult status Creme de la Mer cream?
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Actually I started using it when I needed a face moisturizer and my mom let me borrow hers... I liked it alot and she bought me a small bottle to travel with. Little did I know how expensive the stuff is. It is by far the best I've used and kept my face really clear and moisturized. It's really thick and makes it feel really firm on your face. My verdict- Awesome stuff that I have yet to find a competitor for. Con- It's tough to use when you don't get it as a gift. I'm back to Anthony Logistic face moisturizer which is about $30 a tube and gets the job done well. It sure isn't La Mer, but it works very well... I'd go back to it if I could afford to. Pete
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oddly enough, creme de la mer was developed by a male nasa scientist for himself after he suffered from severe burns to his face from an experiement gone wrong - he could not find a product that would soften his post burn leathery skin and thus after many trials, accidently invented creme de la mer - they actually still do not know how it works but given it can only be produced in small batches that need to ferment x number of days, the price is ridiculously high it is a great product and does work but it sometimes difficult to justify (and my wife hoards it anyway) so just like vwpete, i too just use anthony spf 15 moisturizer and it does me just fine
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Lately, I have been using Baxter's SPF15 lotion. Not very runny or sticky. It smells nice as well.
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baxter's supershape spf 15 is absolutely great and you get a lot of product for your money as well
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I use Jack Black. It's OK, but for $30, I'm not going to buy it again. It's a little too thick and pastey. I used to use Polo Face Fitness, that was marginal. Now I think I'll try the Baxter or maybe Khiels.
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Personally, I am very skeptical of La Mer. I've heard the story of Max Huber and the miracle cream that healed his burns, or whatever the story is. The fact is none of Huber's research was documented and we have no idea what he was using before or what else might have given the effect. Essentially, La Mer is water with some thickening agents and a little bit of algae. Now Estee Lauder, which owns the La Mer brand, has come up with a whole line of La Mer products that have nothing to do with the original problem. This was smart marketing given the loyal following of La Mer, but the prices are just exorbitant in my opinion. But I have heard enough positive stories to make me curious. Maybe I could score a sample one day. I'd never buy it though.
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