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you guys totally have Lane wrong, he's way more hood than you think, but definitely a little dark on the inside, not just his outside theatrics. I would peg him as the entire 6 Feet Deep album but for the purposes of this thread I'll post this track

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They are just picking musicians/artists who tend to look/dress like the member in question...


In which, brad-t and Lane would just be some horrible shit by Judas Priest...though brad-t I think has a deep soul...




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Miran2 would be something like Cocteau Twins. A little bit of nonsense, a little bit worldly, and and a little bit polarizing. You might roll your eyes at it first but there is something about it that grows on you, but in a secretly shameful / guilty pleasure way.
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Lane should be flattered Gravediggaz a huge compliment.
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fwiw this is my favorite song of all time:
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Is everyone on Earth listening to 2pac these days, after the Coachella holography?

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For some of the youtube videos that are not the original music videos, the stupid images that have nothing to do with the song are ruining things also :(


A'right...maybe I'm totally off the mark here, or maybe I'm projecting myself here...but there is an undercurrent of regret in Tween_Spirit...of the observer who yearns for something he sees all the time and still can't have for maybe this scene from the movie, plus the soundtrack, also for Tween_Spirit:


The guy playing the director (the director who finally sees the reel of everything that was spliced out over his career) looks exactly like my Dad...and I figure Tween_Spirit will look something similar in 30-40 years....

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not me. (edit: referring to miran post about everyone listening to 2pac)

apparently the biggest song at the moment is that Gotye song. didn't see that one coming.

^for wistful tween

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Sorry, meant the comment for your comment above about Morricone...not for Mépris

And you are totally correct, the right word is "wistful"...not "regret"...."regret" is me projecting myself hahahah...

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speaking of big songs of the moment, here is CDHagg's

I got in a big drunken fight with a friend over Easter back home when she asked if I had heard it, and I was like. "Oh, that gay anthem? I can see that being big this summer" and she insisted it was a song for tweens because she had only seen the bieber/gomez video (which I hadn't, but it apparently has more youtube views so that means it's the "real" one according to her)

I'm like. Girl. The disco-ey string stabs, the lusting after a male object, the uptempo four on the floor. This is a gay anthem if I ever heard one. Plus I hear it blasting from gyms so that's that.

If you want the verdict of who was right just watch the last 20 or 30 seconds.
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Do you think that guy has 2% bodyfat?

Also that song is going straight onto my running mix.

also lol at pickpackpockpuck's thumb.
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Aeglus (someone, perhaps the gentleman in question, already posted this a while back), but it should really be the thumping techno party dance remix, with more sirens and shit.
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This is how I hear Aeglus life

Someone do me plz
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Originally Posted by GraphicNovelty View Post

Someone do me plz


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