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I thrifted a pair of Red Wings icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

...about two years past their peak popularity. musicboohoo[1].gif

Still I'm sure someone on ebay or whatever will want a nicely made pair of vintage boots.
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Black (looks Navy from my terrible picture, but it's black) APC (made in France) Corduroy Jacket (M)




Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


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Here's the Filson shooz, size 11D (available). I put a coat of Obenauf's LP on there to even up some of the scuffs




Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)





scuffs on the right side, but otherwise good condition











Here's the Eastland Made in Maine I found a while back... they've become my favorite casual shooz




Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)







between those and the Quoddy's I found a while back I've done pretty well with SW&D shoes

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X-post from the main thread. Current season (Spring/Summer 12) Norse Projects chinos.




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Decided to hit up just one store yesterday while apartment hunting and I found these. I looked up Visvim and paint splatter, and a few pairs of theirs with a finish of that sort came up. This pair, however, was not one of them. Let me just say that, shy of the splatter, these are badass boots. Really nice construction and materials throughout.


Visvim Whymper size 10


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to hide)

They really managed to get paint on every surface available... Anyone ever tackle a cleanup of this magnitude?



Goodyear welt sewn to a replaceable vibram sole...



Hardly worn at all, will clean up real nice.




Still can't believe I found these, though I suspect they had just been put out (the tags had yesterday's date on them). There was one other pair of Visvim there, some lightweight shoes, but they were pretty worn. Figured those probably weren't worth it. Also figure they probably aren't there anymore either...

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Wings + Horns Polo

W+H Polo.jpg


Plaid Barbour Sport Shirt (L)



Neil Barrett Wide Leg Pants


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



Helmut Lang (women's?) Pants (27)


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


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Holy fuck when did we start this thread? I haven't been on SW&D for like a year. Fuck. Yes. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Originally Posted by acosbysweater View Post


Let me rephrase...posters may know about it, but it's not exactly a boulevard they trot down throwing hunnits all willy nilly.  We sweat the purchase of a $15 suit.


RE yoox and deals (just saw this post) - I've picked up some really good stuff at yoox.  I got a pair of cashmere blend Helmut Lang pants there for $40, and they're my favorite pair of pants.  I've found a few other deals like that there, too, as well as ebay.  I guess if the criteria for this thread is 'under $20' they don't cut it, but don't a lot of the thrifting finds come from consignment shops and not thrift stores?

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Originally Posted by darkmatter7 View Post

5 x RRL Officers Chinos
1 x Rugby RL Chinos
1 x APC New Cure
2 x APC Shirt
1 x Thom Browne Shirt
1 x BoO Shirt
1 x Billy Reid Shirt
1 x Gilded Age Shirt
1 x KVA Shirt

Damn Darkmatter, not only do you kill it in the dress clothes, but also in SW&D!
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I found a mint size L yohji yamamoto grey rayon button up shirt. the smoked mop buttons are baller. its available if anyone is interested

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Comme des Garcons x S.N.S Herning Breton Stripe Hooded Sweater (S)


2012-06-16 14.06.48.jpg

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

2012-06-16 14.06.58 - Copy.jpg

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Hi!  This is actually a cross post from The Official Thrift / Discount Store Bragging Thread.



I went to a couple of spots and pulled some SW&D.  Everything is tentatively unavailable.  Here are the highlights:




^^^ L-R, T-B:


  • Trovata brown & orange plaid button down collar dress shirt w/ hidden collar buttons.
  • Comme des Garcons Homme Plus lavender & white striped spread collar dress shirt w/ hidden button placket down the front.  < The collar is sooo small.
  • Corpus beige & brown plaid button down collar dress shirt w/ hidden onseam pockets at the hips.  (I picked this up the other day, but included it so I can cross post with the Official SW&D Thrift / Discount Store Bragging thread.)
  • Jil Sander solid white spread collar dress shirt.  (I also picked this up the other day.)
  • Native Son solid white spread collar dress shirt w/ a thick dark horizontal teal stripe across the middle.
  • Wings + Horns solid blue button down collar dress shirt.
  • POLO by Ralph Lauren Italian made 3" wide foulard neck tie.
  • A Bathing Ape red t-shirt. 


style forum talk ivy1.jpg


style forum talk ivy2.jpg


^^^ Is this the "good" Trovata?


style forum talk ivy3.jpg



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Originally Posted by tben View Post

Why can't we all just be friends in the other thread. shog[1].gif



The other thread was a bit intense, like if you were to post a picture of something not so great and brag worthy, or ask a "dumb" question about something, it seems like Mofos would reach through your monitor and sucker punch you in the nuts. cold[1].gif

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Originally Posted by Nataku View Post

X-post from the main thread. Current season (Spring/Summer 12) Norse Projects chinos.

OMG! Are these available??? Please tell me they are!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Originally Posted by catside View Post

Steel toes! When u kick 'em, they feel. Various sizes available on the condition that you do not ask why the hell I bought them! shog[1].gif
Now back to watching anime.


Any of those for sale? What anime are you into?
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