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tailoring raw and selvedge denim

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i just got some unbranded raw denims, theyre selvedge 

the inseam is like 36". I got size 34 and have naturally skinny legs


so the problem i am having is: it fits great around the waist but they are a bit baggy and roomie all the way down despite being skinny cut. Im also getting stacking at the bottom, more then i would live 



is it possible to get them tailored being raw denim and all. can it ruin the jeans somehow 

also if i get the inseam hemmed shorter would that resolve the problem or would it still be baggy


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why did you make a new post for this when you posted the exact same question in the jeans thread?
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cause this forum seems to have so many users, so many threads, so many posts, yet no one answers any damn questions 


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dumbass, your question was answered.
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from what you are saying, it sounds like a 32/33W would fit you better. waist on raw denim usually stretches out disproportionally more than the rest of the jean
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Originally Posted by ysb View Post

dumbass, your question was answered.

dumbass it was answered by 1 person, and the answer to my 50 questions was yes


why dont you write a wall of text full of questions and ill answer with something as confusing as 'yep that one'


i wanted numerous input, and making my own thread is the way to do that


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u suck man
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this forum sucks, never any answers, 

never any good advice 


what pain does it cause to you guys if i posted it in a thread seen by a specific low population of the board and then in a place where more people would see it. did it really affect your lives?


im trying to find numerous answers

and btw still havent!!!


so far 2 of the comments were made by butthurt people

and the other one was a different size recommendation. i appreciated reading it but it was not what i asked, so hasnt answered my question and ive already said that its tight on the waist at 34 making anything smaller not valid 

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have you tried googling. wtf dude why are you entitled to answers.
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People will respond the way they are because they feel you're 1) asking a redundant question multiple times and 2) not listening to what you've been told.

You can tailor jeans, but generally it fucks up the cut of the jeans and doesn't turn out the way people imagined. Otherwise, lose weight and buy a smaller size / exercise and stick with your size.
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Originally Posted by pronxs View Post

have you tried googling. wtf dude why are you entitled to answers.

are you joking?

why am i not entitled?


we are here cos we share the same interest and trying to help one another out 


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hahahaha. you are so fucking cute.
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My experience is that it can be done but you need to be very specific with your tailor. 


If the top block is too wide, too tapered in the legs can look very foolish.  

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for a pair of jeans you paid about 80 bucks for, it might cost somewhere close to like 50+ dollars to hem it and possibly slim the leg. not worth it in my opinion. sell it and get new jeans.
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the answer to your question: yes, it can be tailored - heck, you can basically tailor every aspect of any garment/clothing, provided that you get a good tailor to do your work.

but the problem is the cost: if you shelled out 100 bucks for a raw denim, then alterting taper/hem, etc will cost you big bucks, which in many case, would cost you more than the actual pair of the jean.

I have a close tailor that does work for me - I buy 28 waist slim jean/pants which typically have long inseam and baggier than I normally prefer. I tailor it to my taste, which include cutting off the inseam, and altering the thigh narrower, etc, which often costs me 40-50 bucks a pair. I personally do it because I believe that no one pants fits you perfectly off the rack.

so your choice is to: either find a good tailor and prepare to spend some money, OR like many other have said before me, just throw it out and find yourself a new pair that fits decently overall off the rack.

hope it helps
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