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Damn.....pimples again!!!

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From time to time I'm getting little pimples on my face...can anybody tell me what helps against those awful things?. Does it really help to drink a lot of water, to get a lot of sleep, and to stop eating candy??? PLEASE H E L P ...
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I've read in several places that diet has absolutely nothing to do with it. It's just a myth propagated by people who coincidently breakout after eating junk food or whatever. Drinking a lot of water helps although I can't say from personal experience how much. I'm also betting that if you do a Kirhs routine every morning you won't have the problem anymore.
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Drinking water does help, so does sleeping...I strive to be a perfectionist with my face, so I do all the good stuff...Drink water, sleep enough, use a good exfoliator. I also use Differin gel twice a day which works good, or I have been using BenzaClin which has completely cleared up my face. Go to your dermotologist if you want all your questions answered.
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First of all: Thanx for the advice. While I was reading your replies, some questions came to my mind: How much do you sleep and about how much water do you drink (per day)? Are you sure that candy, etc., hast nothing to do with pimples?. I'm just asking because somebody told me that your face is the mirror of your stomache...
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i think they say about eight 8oz glasses a day . Eating candy doesn't contribute to your acne but it's definitely not making you healthier either. I'm not one to talk though since i drink way too much coke.
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