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Suit Pants

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Two part question:
1) Do you guys generally buy more than 1 pair of pants for your suits? Seeming to me like a good idea.
2) I only own one suit so far, a BB Navy Fitzgerland. Purchased about a year ago. Do you think it's possible to find matching pants? Contacted BB and they said that there may be a slight color mismatch if I tried to order individually from them. Any other ideas if another pair of matching pants doesn't work for me?
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1. Always. You sit on your pants, drive in them, fill them with keys, phones and coins. Your jacket gets hung up, removed for 70% of your day and generally pampered. A second pair of pants is a must.

2. No. Apart from the fact the new pants will be made from a new batch of cloth that came from a different vat of dye and a different crop of sheep, you have been wearing your current suit for a year. That means that the jacket will have faded a little from general wear and friction.

Your best bet is to buy another suit with 2 pairs of trousers. That way you can leave each suit to "rest" for the required 24 hours to keep them looking fresh, and get more life out of both suits by wearing them half as much as you would.
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This is a good idea and I do from time to time

Bad idea, Second pairs of trousers need to be bought at the SAME time as the suit. The cloth will be different and certainly after 12 months wear that will need to be taken into account as well.

As you admit to only owning one suit, it would be better to buy a second with two pairs of trousers rather than waste time fretting about getting a second pair for the first.
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Yes, I do get an extra trouser but make sure get from the SAME tailor or store.

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