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Brim up in the back unless it's a safari hat with the brim molded down. This question certainly makes you sound like you are a noob when it comes to hats.
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1) Brim up all around with front center dipped down = G-Man ('Government Agent') or Private Investigator.
2) Brim up all around with front dipped down to one side = Movie Star, Gent or business man. (The best and most 'approachable' look).
3) Brim up all around, including front = News Reporter, Bowery boy, Frank Sinatra (Frank wore fedoras and trilbys both).

Always remove your hat indoors.
Always tip your hat (and smile) or subtley nod to a woman who makes eye contact with you. (Dramatic and romantic! Women love this wink.gif )
Hats are so much fun. Congratulations on your purchase..
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Thanks. Today I stopped in at the store again to see how the piles of Makins fedoras again. I noticed, of the ones on top (I didn't want to appear too anxious about such a trivial concern so I didn't delve deeper) either had the brim up all around or up in only the back - I think. Also unpinched on the sides. I asked one of the main guys if he thinks these hats look better with the brim up or down in the back. He replied, amazingly, he saw me peering into the window the other day (true) and he actually could say it looked like the brim of my hat was up in the back and it looked very good. Hmmmm.... Guess that's then my option of choice.

Yes, if one of these hats is pinched on the sides, toward the front, I can see how the hat may look more formal and definitely should be up in the back. However this hat isn't quite that dressy.
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The hat will be fine either way. Let's discuss the table, chair, wall, and curtain. decisions.gif
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I wear mine all the way down, but it's a personal preference.

I think I'm in good company, however.
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Nice photo but the thread here is only asking about the rear brim. Right here the guy on the left looks better, though.
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Originally Posted by Lafont View Post

Nice photo but the thread here is only asking about the rear brim. Right here the guy on the left looks better, though.

It's a video. If you click it, you'll see Peskowitz (the guy on the right) ask Talese (the guy on the left) whether he flips up the back of his hats.

You'll also notice that Talese flips the brim down all the way around before he puts his hat on.
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What a nice video. Thanks! The shop owner scores one for brim down all around.
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Asked on Makins Hats Facebook page, hoping Makins staff would respond, and response came, indeed, from founder/creator of Makins company, I believe. Lilke here, I stated I didn't just want to here a "personal choice" advocate:

"haha - i wont say personal choice. I actually were mine rolled up all the way around, but that might be more of an nyc preference. Apart from that i do really like the look of the hat when the back is flipped up.

Once again, thank you so much for wearing Makins - we really really do appreciate it.


So - I'm satisfied. I'll probably usually wear the brim turned up in the rear. Thanks, everyone.
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hey lafont, you young whipper snapper you. i was 30 when you were born.
so listen to me tradition was always down in front and up in back.
but then i guess its really your personal choice.
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tailor - you're 93? I'd say it depends on the "tradition" of the particular hat style. Some hats (like a cloth rain hat) are typically made to wear down all the way around, I'd say. I'm finding Makins is fine with it up - and that's actually significant to me. This photo, if you can open it, is from 17 photos the Makins company posted on Flickr:


I sort of had in my mind over the years that when I first saw Makins hats, in the middle '70s, they were shown down all around and that's a factor that made them stand out. I may be wrong, though. In any case, being down in the front inspired me such that when I went to Chicago in 1976 I purchased a fedora down in the front at Marshall Field's, which last something like 20 years with very frequent wear in the colder months. Eventually those large hats based on that adventurous movie character became very popular; can't recall his name (it was a series of films) but I think it was in the '80s, and they may have had the brim down all around. I think he was supposed to be in Africa. Started quite a trend in hats, at least for younger guys. At least they were in the stores.
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thats what i get for not previewing before submitting. guess i stroke 3 instead of 2.
it should have been 20 not 30. guess that makes me a youngster yet.
yes i was refer to the fedora. and was it not sad about fields? but then thats business.
do you get to chi often?
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