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Keeping your body active

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Any great suggestion to keep your body active and burst with energy? Of course I'm not talking about doops, just wondering how to improve my personal effectiveness. This is not for sporting purpose, btw, just for my daily activities.
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Take a multivitamin or two every day after a meal. Fill a gallon jug up with water every morning and be sure to drink the whole thing before you fall asleep at night. Go to bed an hour earlier than usual a couple nights a week. Sleep an hour later every so often. Talk to a pretty girl. Cut out sweet foods almost altogether. Keep yourself well groomed, maybe going as far as trimming hair under arms, chest, etc.--you'll feel better when you look better. Try a new haircut. Eat a can of tuna every day. Call a family member. Get a tattoo. Accelerate faster. Eat more fish in general. Run a mile or two every morning when you wake up or right before you go to bed. Get some old clothes and money together and donate them somewhere. Smoke a cigar or a cigarette now and then with a beer.
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I definitely suggest going for a run when you can. I've said before that one of the best feelings possible is taking a shower after a nice run. I mean, if you're gonna clean... give yourself a reason to do it. Seriously, if you have access to a gym, take time out of your days to go and (try to) get into a routine. But take your runs outdoors (if possible); I can't stand the monotony of small indoor tracks at most fitness centers. Doing a lot of the things ken suggested should also keep you young and spry.
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