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Things That Are Bothering You, Got You All Hibbeldy-Jibbeldy, or just downright pissed, RIGHT NOW! - Page 3882

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Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 View Post

Growing up, there was always that group of kids that would come in 10 minutes after we had recited the Pledge of Allegiance. Like clockwork, they'd sneak in and put away their lunch boxes as quietly as possible thinking we were none the wiser. One kid accumulated like 50 tardies in three months and just didn't give a fuck. I never had even one tardy mark. shog[1].gif

Why would you recite the Pledge of Allegiance in Canada? confused.gif
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Originally Posted by zarathustra View Post


Did rambo reboot his sf reboot?
Originally Posted by Connemara View Post

Someone in my office (as in, works about 15 feet away) draws in a big gulp of air after laughing. Some days, I have to get up and take a walk, otherwise I would go nuts on this individual.

Yeah I am sure you have no annoying traits
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Originally Posted by edinatlanta View Post

Yeah I am sure you have no annoying traits

Truly none.
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So I mentioned this on FB and Thomas has already tried trolling me on SF over it, but...

...Standing Ovations. OJFC we have too many of them. Everyone, everything, gets a standing O. It's ridiculous. It's straight out of the everyone gets a trophy playbook.

Now, before I sound too much like an old guy complaining, here is the devastating irony: The standing O is now so prevalent that the regular, non-standing ovation is now actually just about a sign that the audience did not appreciate the performance.

We went to the symphony yesterday, which is something we do about 2-3 times a year. We typically go to more popular concerts playing more broadly appreciated, "classic" classical pieces, so perhaps that skews things, but I literally cannot remember the last time we went and there was not a standing ovation. Both pre- and post-intermission sections got the standing O treatment.

Which makes me wonder - as the symphony is a group of artists performing night after night, week after week, if they do a performance that does not bring an audience to its feet, they must go backstage thinking, "what did we do wrong?"

Low standards have robbed us of being able to show extra appreciation and now we can only reflect our disapproval!!! These pathetic, baby-soft millenials will be the ruin of us all!!!!
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I can't even begin to describe how lame that whole post is. 

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I agree with Douglas.

I was at a show recently that was deserving of a standing ovation. But I was at multiple other shows that were good, but not really deserving of a standing ovation.

However once a large portion of the crowd does it, what do you do? Now if I stay sitting down, I look like a dick (especially if I am seated far forward or something). I didn't dislike the show...I just didn't think it was standup worthy and I doubt the performers thought it was anything other than an average performance.

What I can't tell is if the people think that the standing ovation is just something that you do--their inexperience tells them that this is how you end a concert--or if the people have such limited exposure, that they actually think it was standing ovation worthy? I mean, the performers know that it was an average performance, but they are world class performers. If you last saw some regional orchestras or theater companies several years ago and then you see the CSO or a Broadway show, you would probably think it was awesome. I've been spoiled in that I played in an orchestra, and have always lived places where the local local orchestra is one of the best, so it takes something special to get me on my feet. But I could see how you might be compelled to stand if your last show was the Madison Symphony Orchestra doing some Brahms, and then you see the CSO doing Dvorak's New World (even if the oboe player had a cold and the conductor was hungry).
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And I can proudly say that I had a box seat to a musical a couple months ago and remained seated on my ass (no combination of peer pressure and not being able to see through all of the people standing around me).

The musical was good, but honestly, it was the last couple weeks of a very long run and the cast was kind of just phoning it in. They were all very talented, but it's hard to keep the magic alive after that long.
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Lol, The program last night was the New World Symphony.
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The standing ovation is just another example of people insisting on flaunting their leg privilege.
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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

all started here.

Well, yeah - that's a bitch - which is good, unlike the later posts. So, I'm bitching about that - see?
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Yeah you mofos that get on a train with no identification no ticket and no money... I pay a good deal of money to ride this train. I will wait the five mins that it takes to stop and throw ur ass off in the middle of no where. Look out for the third rail don't let yourself become fried chicken mofos.
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I"m trying to figure out which shoes fit best, I have a wide foot and 80% of the time, when shopping, they don't carry wides. AGH

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I sincerely want to endlessly punch until they are dead the 3-6 people in an audience that take EVERY FUCKING CHANCE to start a standing O. Like at say a philanthropic event. The guy that stands up repeatedly in an attempt to get a standing O going. I want to beat you to death in the parking lot.
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Go die troll.

also I am not sure i have any grasp on reality right now. There are too many Jabba the Huts with hawt girls in this train car.... I really think i got slipped something. These girls are all bout it bout it with guys that haven't seen their dicks in years and are all of 25 to 30. Wtf...
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(Post references Piobaire's, not zarathustra's.) Haha that is something I like to do! I stand up, turn toward the rest of the audience, and flap my arms up and down (signal to stand up). Depending on what kind of performance it is, I sometimes cry out "C'mon, give it up!"
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