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Things That Are Bothering You, Got You All Hibbeldy-Jibbeldy, or just downright pissed, RIGHT NOW! - Page 286

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Originally Posted by AintDatRite View Post
It wasnt a planned announcement. Apparently, he received the damn call offering him the job whilst he was driving to the restaurant. He couldnt control his emotions (or else he shot a load in his pants because he was so happy) and his employees knew something was up - so he told them. One of his employees said he was 'crying like a bitch' when he told them he 'had to leave'.

Actually, I didnt hire him (even though I do take credit for his hiring when asked)... After he was hired by another one of my managers, I simply saw the potential in him and the ambition/initiative/drive he had and quickly brought him into the 'inner circle' before anyone else could.

It just sucks. I could go through another 100 managers without finding one like him. I felt he definitely had the potential to be promoted to a senior executive position within our firm (COO of one of our subsidiaries or something in that arena) within 10 years or so - if he had stayed. I honestly believe that once he has been home for a few months and gets everything straightened out, he will call and ask to return. He's young - I will give him the 'freebie'... and bring him back with no hard feelings. (Plus, from what he told me, hes taking about a $30K/year pay cut by leaving. Once you get used to a certain income level, its hard to give it up.)

Also, I dont personally fire anyone - its too stressful (and with all the workplace violence, I dont wanna get shot). Whilst moving up the ladder, I've had to terminate quite a few employees. Nowadays, though, that is one of the purposes of our HR division...

That has to suck.... it was 79°(F) here today

I did this... I took a huge paycut to move back home to be closer to my friends and family. Its been one of the best decisions I ever made (also young and single). Then again, now that I know I can deal with being on my own, next good offer I get to leave, I just might, but I want to be married and shit so I stop looking at job sites in the first week.

What do you do again ?
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1. Ask girl out for new years eve
2. Get sick
4. No profit.
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I am not feeling well. I may just stay in tonight.
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the 'seven nation army' ahhs, from rose bowl, or any other sporting fans.
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Christmas TV, all they put on are films, films, films that are really boring. Putting "National Lampoons Christmas Vacation" on was lame. That annoying cartoon and theme song they play before the film is brainwashing.
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why the f@#k do I still have problems with discipline in trading, I should be doing this long enough to know better...... lasts day of trading profits wiped out, F@#K
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Going in to work today pissed me off. The subway station and cars were sparsely occupied. Penn Station not even close to the normal crowded mess. Office is so quiet. I have a lot of shit to get done.
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Fucking alleriges. My eyes are burning.
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I got some money for christmas and was going to buy a few things. I really wanted a 100% cotton chambray. I cannot afford a Flat Head chambray, so I decided I would go for a wrangler. I went to 3 western wear stores all of which carried M-4xl, no smalls. I went online, wrangler doesn't sell direct and none of its affiliates appear to carry smalls, and the ones that do are out of stock.

fine, I will try sears and wal-mart for a basic dickies workshirt. Sears doesn't carry them, and wal-mart only seemed to have L and up.

I just want a friggin chambray, why is it so hard to find one?
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Women. Goddammit.
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Finally found a nice pair of affordable black full brogue monks and ordered them in a UK8F. I wear a US9. Got them yesterday. Way too big. Now I'm just going to send them back and go find a pair that costs twice as much. Nice.

edit: and the shipping to return them was outrageous. My wife's "told you so" attitude didn't help.

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More. F**king. Snow. F****k!
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I signed up for a course primarily because I've been dying to take a class with a specific instructor. I just checked my schedule and realized he is no longer teaching it. His replacement has a nice CV but it's not the same.
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Racism masquerading as a logical and acceptable form of public safety pisses me off.
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PROCRASTINATION, fuck it pisses me off.
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