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Things That Are Bothering You, Got You All Hibbeldy-Jibbeldy, or just downright pissed, RIGHT NOW! - Page 22

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Originally Posted by Not_A_Nimby View Post
Men with no B*lls,

men with cryptorchidism?
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Originally Posted by acidicboy View Post
Back in school I had a friend and another guy in a heated but stupid exchange about staplers. It ended nicely with my friend hitting him with the stapler and the other guy a staple bullet on his forehead.

That's some funny stuff.
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Still being awake at 4:30 in the morning, thinking the chicken & rice soup in the cupboard might help, making it and realizing there's probably one gram of actual chicken in the soup... How can they call it chicken soup? It should be called rice soup with chicken flavor. Ugh.
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Cannot sleep. Now 8 AM. Bizarre.
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I must have developed insomnia or something. I barely slept a wink last night. Went to bed at 11:30, woke up at 2, tossed and turned till about 15 minutes ago when I just gave up. Grrr.
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I can't sleep at night either. So what do I do? Fatten up. I've already eaten a sandwich and some snacks, all washed down by 2 Heinekens. This is after I stuffed my face with sushi earlier tonight. I feel like a fat bastard.
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People who will not let you get off the elevator before they get on. Are you kidding me? Have you learned absolutely no manners? Were you raised in a forest?

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Harry Potter. The ultimate triumph of marketing over intrinsic worth.
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Originally Posted by California Dreamer View Post
Harry Potter. The ultimate triumph of marketing over intrinsic worth.
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Originally Posted by California Dreamer View Post
Harry Potter. The ultimate triumph of marketing over intrinsic worth.
What are you, some kind of Death Eater?

EDIT: Even Matt, the Life-cereal Mikey of the fora, likes the Potter.
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Being artistically stunted. I'm working on a micro-ambient song which is just under two minutes in length and it needs something, but I can't figure it out. I've been sitting here mulling over it since last night and I have so much to do today.
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Originally Posted by rdawson808 View Post
People who will not let you get off the elevator before they get on. Are you kidding me? Have you learned absolutely no manners? Were you raised in a forest?


Type A personality people don't give a fig about manners, they're looking out for #1 and it isn't you, so if you're not getting off before they get on, tough luck.

That's what happened when an idiot driving a van wouldn't allow me to merge into his lane. He is a type A personality and I am a type A personality, hence a crash.

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My job is pissing me off. I was hired as a SCRIPT WRITER and part time video editor being paid $8 /hr for my local school district (plano isd). First of all, the pay was terrible, but hey the video is to help non english speaking children learn science in order to pass an exam that's REQUIRED to move on to 5th grade...There's a very high failure rate.

Now, at the beginning, we had this one fat ass that's going to UNT for a media advertising or some shit major who claims to be great with a camera and great with angles and great wtih editting blah blah blah. She sucked at life. Not only did she suck at life, but she smelled like dirty vagina. And no, it wasn't just when you were close to her. She sat in my backseat and no one would sit in my backseat for a week. And not only that, she'd never let anyone else try to film and she'd demand different editting software (we're stuck using iMovie, but hey it's not THAT bad...especially for editting educational videos...). Long story short, 2 months into our 3 month summer job we finally managed to get her ass canned. Great huh? NO. we had to scrap every single thing she did...her angles were shitty. she said there was no microphone for our vid cam, but there was! For god's sake it was in the damn bag!!!!! RIGHT NEXT TO THE CAMCORDER. HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE IT???? She also had us order a wide angle lens cuz we didnt have one of those either...guess what? IT WAS ALSO RIGHT NEXT TO THE DAMN CAMERA IN THE DAMN BAG. smelly stupid fat ass biatch. Oh, and the lens she ordered? it was the wrong lens for our camera. Now we have one month to do three months of work. BTW, WTF we were given a 2 gig dual core 1 gig ram piece of shit mac to work lap top is more powerful than that.

Now for our workload. we were hired to create films that cover the ENTIRE science curriculum. that's not just one year of teaching either...we have to teach all the science covered up to 4th grade. Here's the kicker...they had no materials for us to work with. We had to go and research everything ourselves and we'd received about 200 dollars for props for every single that's shit! we couldnt buy shit we couldnt do shit. And on top of the videos, we had to create comics and little mini videos to explain each sub concept.

This rant is going to be all over the place so just bear with making complaints as I remember them. Ok, so remember how I was hired as the script writer and part time editor??? well, as of now, i'm the director, the actor, the script writer, and the not what i signed up for. everyone i work with is nice and pleasant...i actually like them a lot, excepting one person (another fat bitch they hired due to the absence of the last fat bitch...smells just as bad with the addition of cat hair onto the dirty vagina's terrible. she's never been in my car. she likes harry potter. she likes bush.<--have your opinion, but at least be educated about it...she is not.) Not only am I all these things, but my coworkers look to me to decide everything...that's what my boss is there for, but she asks me!!?!?!? she gets paid 25/hr...i should get all their pays on top of mine since i'm doing every fucking thing. for fucks sake, sometimes im holding the camera and filming myself since they're so incompletent sometimes....

Let's add the icing on the cake real quick. Our first work space was surrounded by cubicles of administration workers. during brainstorm sessions (consisting of me giving ideas and everyone else making loud comments), we of course get a little loud...well, the administration workers submitted a written complaint... first of all, they shouldve asked to be quiet instead of bitch behind our backs...thats terrible practice because every time they came into the room they receive 12 icy glares. second of all, what the hell is a creative group doing in the middle of an administration building surrounded by people trying to quietly do their work. <--- that's all a very big stretch because all of these old bitches gossip all day long. THATS ALL THEY DO. no work ever gets done! i swear to god, all they did was stalk us and see waht they could get us in trouble for...i opened the door one time and saw three people jsut standing outside listening to us. the looks on their faces when i busted tehm was priceless. Weeks at a time were completely wasted because we were repeatedly re located to varying places across teh city with NO internet access and NO computers for that fact...

One time, the janitors were running and screaming down the hallways, i think re enacting one of the scenes we shot for the movie, and the TOP TOP TOP of the administration came and bitched us out for making noise. we tried to explain that it wasnt us, but she'd hear none of it. we took it to the cameras ( which are EVERYWHERE in this that's fucking sick. ) and she was proven wrong. instead of apologizing, she bitched at us for not doing anything all day and blah blah blah blah she's a fucking old power tripping bitch. From that day on, she'd come by every day and hassle us, threatening to pull the plug on the operation...well guess what bitch? that isnt threatening at all! Why? cuz we have a month left!! wtf! Also, she's obviously spouting bullshit out the ass. They spent tons of money buying HUNDREDS of 80 GIG video ipods on which they're planning to put the videos we create...they also need this project for a huge presentation that's at the end of our job's period...Regardless, it's 8 / hr WOW big threat.

And finally, two weeks before our job is over, my boss's boss comes and starts freaking the fuck because we don't have much done....WHAT DO YOU EXPECT, BITCH?? Now she wants to do everything in 2 weeks...FUCK THAT. but hey, i try to be accomodating and do my best... Now, while uploading the footage that we've taken off two seperate cameras, she constantly hassles me about why its taking so long....Ok maam, sorry that I can't speed up time...the cameras upload at a set rate...stfu and deal with it. and then once everything is uploaded, I have to take the two full chunks of video and cut them up into scenes and delete dead space. that also takes a long fucking time. and then after that I have to mix up the scenes from the two different cameras to provide for different angles in order to make it interesting. THIS ALL TAKES TIME. but noooo, she bitches that I'm not working. okay, what I did in two DAYS worth of work took TWO people two WEEKS to do. Yes, I kno I'm the shit. Or so I thought, but she bitched that i was taking to long. Meanwhile, everyone else is sitting tehre watching music videos without me...hey, can i blame them? they dont give a fuck and neither should just too damn stubborn.

After all of this stupid bullshit, why didn't I quit? Well, I like my boss as a person adn I like my coworkers adn I didn't want to screw them over...One of them severely needs the money...But as it stands, I'm the only person capable of doing any work independently that holds any value...Thus, if I quit then the whole project is in essence dead...That'd screw both my boss and my coworkers...Again, why do i really care? It's really their fault for doing nothing...but somehow I still care not to fuck them over...

btw, im the fucking actor and im the shittiest actor in

oh, and after my boss's boss saw the videos we were doing ( which were pretty good, considering what we had to work with) she made us redo them AGAIN because she somehow wanted us to recreate a Lord of the Rings theme (WTF) for the science other words, she wanted a deep plot with character development on top of the educational information...argh! and she tells us all this two weeks before everything is due...

today, i just decided not to come to work because I can do that and they can't do anything to stop me because they're screwed without me....the question is...should i quit and more or less screw over the project and my coworkers? (i just learned that my boss wont suffer any repercussions, so that's not a problem) or should I ride out the final two weeks? if i stay, I'll probably be the only one doing work and everyne else will be coasting as usual. if i quit, they'll pay for their lack of competence but will also be screwed and it's not really their fault in the first place because they should NEVEr have been hired for this sort of project because they're just newly graduated high school kids like me...the only reason why i can do any sort of work at all is because that's just how i am and I'm also good with computers...its not like i knew how to edit beforehand, its just that i can learn fast and no one else wants to even try so i have to...

wow...after meeting these shitheads who run the entire school district, i finally understand why the schools are as shitty as they are...these people are the ones that run them...and the thing is this school distrcit is one of the best in the state...however, i dont think im allowed to disclose which district i work for so i wont...

and btw my work isnt even amazing...its just coworkers work on the other hand is simply terrible. again, not their fault because they never claimed the have any skills in any of these areas...they should never have been dragged into this hell hole...
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