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Any experience with

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Hi folks,


I searched the forums prior to posting, but didn't find anyone who'd had any experience with  So please accept my apologies if there has already been a thread on this.


I'm still quite new to all things "stylish", so my questions will be of the newbie variety.  In my readings on the subject, I've tried to determine what to look for in determining what is a quality suit.  With that in mind I've been looking for something within my budget and came across the aforementioned site.  The only reviews that I've come across on-line have mostly dealt with what seems to be a great deal of satisfaction with their custom-made shirts, but remarkably little in the way of reviews on their suits.  The company themselves seems to be very responsive to customer questions.  So has anyone used their service?  Any can anyone speak to whether the jackets are fused, canvassed, half-canvassed, etc.


Thanks in advance for any advice!

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The fact that you cannot find them tells much. A quick glance at their web site out of curiosity does little to inspire confidence. Many of the garments shown on models are ill fitting which is also not a good portent. The web site is the typically mechanical approach of so many others.

The 'Paris' seem seems a front for an Asian operation presumably using the french connection as some suggestion of a quality operation. Quality wise pretty crap I would expect - at the prices you would hardly expect more and fused would seem to be most likely.

If you want to order on line then you will probably get what you pay for and may or may not be disappointed. Stick with bricks and mortar shops.
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Avoid like death.

The name alone sends huge warning signs. I wouldn't buy a car from would you? The outfit had ads running here on SF for a while and they looked like they were made in 10 minutes using Microsoft PowerPoint. As for the reviews (if they are legitimate), custom shirts are much cheaper and much harder to screw up than custom suits.

I'd stay away from custom suiting online. If you're new to men's clothing, go find some decent stuff off the rack first. This place is swamped with advice about inexpensive deals on off-the-peg suits.

Good luck and welcome to SF!
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Thanks FLW, GBR, I do very much appreciate the input!  Looks like the search continues..  I had originally seen this site featured on another forum which I'd understood to be of some repute.  Apparently not!  Anyway, thanks again for the advice.

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Good evening,


There is a Website called Ask Andy.  I do not know if he is creditable, but gives a thumbs up to

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Originally Posted by txrancher47 View Post

Good evening,

There is a Website called Ask Andy.  I do not know if he is creditable, but gives a thumbs up to

A strange first post, AAAC cannot be relied upon because its owner is gifted clothes to review. He has never really criticised any yet... Full visible independence is essential to be credible.
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I have one of their suits and I quite like it. I am weary of a second order because they seem to be looked down upon here (been trying to figure out why).


Here is my experience with them:

Placed an order for a standard 2 piece suit and shirt.


Both arrived, however, the fit was off in both. The chest measurement was too large by about 6 inches. I contacted them and they quickly responded requested pictures.

I sent pictures. We looked over my order form and their order form and for whatever reason they realized their had bumped up the chest measurement.

They remade the jacket and shirt and sent them too me. I gave the first shirt away to a floor mate (who loves it) and donated the jacket to goodwill. 


I have to admit I love the new jacket. I'm not experienced enough to recognize quality workmanship in jackets like many here, but it fits better then ones I have had made in person. It feels substantial and drapes well.


Of course take this with a grain of salt. I have a symmetrical and athletic build so all suits (even the cheapest variety) drape very well. I'd do some additional research to discover if their claims of full canvassing and what not are true (although they seem to me that they are). If only their linings were cupro...

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