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Suit Supply RTW

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I have been searching for a review of the Suit Supply RTW suits, and have only seen a few posts. Most of the posts I was able to find were in reference to Suit Supply's made-to-measure program.

Anyways, I just found SS and unfortunately have no way of checking these suits out in person before I would purchase one. However, they do have a great return policy.

What are the general thoughts of the different lines of suits from SS:
  • Blue Line $399
  • Purple Line $469
  • Suit Up $639

Lastly, does SS ever have sales?
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Search "SuitSupply NYC" in the search bar. Big thread about the RTW options.
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I just happen to have a sport coat from them that I received today. I ordered it on-line. It is supposed to be a 44R (EU54). I am a 44R in just about every brand. but this coat fits like about a 40R, if that. It's a nice jacket but if you're going to make a 44R, even in a slim cut, make it a 44R. I have suit coming from them (from the $469 price point) and I am not optimistic. I called the store in NYC, it's on Broome St. and you can readily Google it. The sales guy was super apologetic and very nice and seemed to know his stuff. The sport coat came with a free UPS return label to the NYC store, so you don't have to send it back to the Netherlands.

The salesman thought it best that I come to the store rather than try to buy on-line. He said they have top tailors, and I believe him.

Finally, you will note that this brand was just recently featured in a small piece in this month's "Esquire." Would have been nice if they mentioned something about the cut. Frankly, I am not sure they can accomodate me at all and it's not like a 44R is a 58 double-portly.

My two cents. Good luck.
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As a follow up to my post about the abysmal fit of SS's 44R on my normal 44R frame, I actually did the math with their and my measurements and in the "Half Washington" sport coat (this is the semi-fitted model) I came out as a 48R! I ordered the jacket expecting to be disappointed so I could rag on the company a little more, but it fits very well. Just needs the sleeves taken up. Also, it is a fine length for me (I'm too old for the "shorty" look in coats) but some might think it is long if they were expecting a shorter-looking cut. I still don't think I'll be able to get a suit from them as the 48 comes with 42" pants! But next time I'm in NYC I will stop in and see what they can do. The salesman I spoke to today says they have one model where you can order separates. Of course, the model the guy gave me a style number for is not in the hard copy catalogue nor on their site.
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Hello, when you first ordered your jacket in the 44r did you look at the size guide they have on their website. Did it turn out that your measurements were different than theirs. Also do you have more of a muscular or regular build (just inquiring) and are your own measurements that much different from theirs that you had to size up to a 48r.
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