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Hi everybody,

I talked to a bespoke tailor yesterday, because no suit fits me off the rack. I guess I got a freaky body in some way, as my suits always do this:




(Posture exaggerated to display the problem)


Am I correct in assuming that this happens b/c the jacket is too tight in the chest? I have a rather broad chest compared to my shoulders, so RTW suits that fit well in the shoulder won't fit in the chest. TF suits are a sole exception, as they kinda fit an atlethic build, but they're not perfect either and thus way too expensive to not fit perfectly.

So, with a strong chest (and shoulders a little off in relation) and also a very(!) slim waist, can a bespoke tailor pull this off? With all my questions about the garments he uses and stylistic details, I forgot to ask him... ahem...