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How many times do people need to put their hand on the burner to figure out it melts the skin away?

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Yep just like I said what over a year ago? A fancy website veneer over what's basically a resale/thrift shop run out of a house. Now with that said there is nothing wrong with running a home based business as long as it's legit. IMO there's just too many red flags with this place for me to ever take a chance with.

Guaranteed authentic? By whom, the original manufacturer or is that decided by the tag, branded logo or because they say so? I see all kinds of knockoffs in these stores all the time. And then there's the whole condition thing. It appears my version of new without tags is far different than what's being described here. Oh and pricing? What's that old saying again?
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Do not use  Conti Couture.  It's complete scam.

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This place is great. I've ordered there over 10 times. I have emails from them to show my purchase. A couple times I received something I didn't like. Gia was great, took it back without any issues. Once she sent me the wrong tie. Felt so bad about it, she Kerry new keep the tie and sent me the right one along with 2 other apology ties. Now she keeps her eyes open for my slacks size and emails me when something good comes in. Remember when buying slacks, the pants might be the right waist, but the length has to be your length or longer off you need our hemmed. I have a 36 inseam and 34 wais this can be tough for me. And whoever bitched about the saying something like guaranteed branf names, how would you make that statement? This is one lady that does this. She's not not perfect, but she's accommodating if your not a jerk.
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Conti Couture is a rip off.  Read all the posts on this thread.

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None of those people have used this website to order clothing. They are speculating. I have used this site many times. It is a great shop. It's like if I and many others decided that you were bad in bed because of the car you drive. It's speculation until somebody goes to bed with you and reports back. Well, I'm reporting back. Conticotour is a great place to find great quality clothing at a great price.
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Sorry pal, all the people who have posts here have used Conti Couture and have received poor service if any service.  ITS A COMPLETE SCAM.

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As an update, this "business" is now called Savings Elite. New name, same old scam.
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