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Is this place Legit? (Conti Couture)

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The prices are honestly pretty awesome, almost like ebay/B&S. Anyone know anything about them and if they are legit?
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Checkout the about us page...

Anonymous AOL email address, that's never a good sign.

51 N Broadway, Haverhill, MA 01832 is a private house that's apparently for sale or rent.

"GUARANTEED 100% AUTHENTIC"....Yeh I've certainly heard that one before.
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I think you're being a little harsh. I've never used the site, but it looks perfectly legit. Running Whois on the domain name shows a person & phone number. Plus you can pay via paypal or credit card, so you're pretty well protected. I suggest you try it out with a small purchase and report back to us.
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Thank you Pendragon... That comment is a bit harsh. Yes, my site is legit, and yes, we did close the store front after my parents passed away. I had an addition built that I use as a home office. (but maybe you already knew that mike from google earth??) patch[1].gif and Yes, I know, I've had aol since the early 90's... lol I have been meaning to change that on the site.. If you need to contact me, or have any concerns, my email is
Thanks for the benefit of the doubt! smile.gif
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Let's try this again. All the text in the about us page...

About Us

51 North Broadway
Haverhill, MA US

Need help or just don't like placing orders over the Net? Contact Us.

Here at Conti Couture, we offer new and near new Authentic designer goods at the BEST prices. Brands include Ermenegildo Zegna, Armani Collezioni, Hugo Boss, Dolce & Gabbana, Canali, Isaia Napoli, Burberry, and more - and ALL ITEMS ARE ALWAYS GUARANTEED 100% AUTHENTIC

Thanks for shopping with us!

Please note the near new verbage. IMO a fancy website run by a small resale type of shop.
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This website and business is not legitimate.   Many people placed orders and have  not received their items  or she sends junk. The customer tries to get back via email or phone and she doesnt return the calls.  If she does get back to you she'll have a long list of excuses.  Stay away.  If the deal sounds to good.........?.    Go to the website "dappered threads"   for reviews

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I read some threads on dappered threads and there are many satisfied customers as well.
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If New Without Tags mean holes and frays in the fabric.  If customer service mean no replies on phone calls and emails.    By the way if  you read the posts there about of even  amount of good  to bad experiences.    If a 50 % chance of getting good service and a good product sounds good to you, by all means shop there.

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I was not denying that the service was questionable at best, but a major bargain may be worth taking a chance on. Thats all.
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Well 50% took that chance and got screwed.   Don't take me wrong.  I don't mind a pre owned suit if it's in excellent condition.  And while shopping online  that definition of "excellent" or "mint" can have a lot of gray area.  That is the chance the buyer takes.  For me it's the thrill of the hunt.  I bought some great suits at some great  prices.  But to not send items and when items are sent they are nothing short of garbage is way out of line and not acceptable.  Personally i have not had a bad experience on EBAY in terms of customer service.  I have been disappointed with some of the suits (an "excellent" was really a "good").  But  I take responbility for my  participation.

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Long-time browser, first-time poster. I saw this thread and it touched a nerve. I made the mistake of ordering from Conti Couture. Polski is right: there's a very good chance you won't get what you ordered and the owner will send junk instead. Plus, even if the order isn't shipped, she'll still charge your card! If and when she responds to your emails, she'll come up with every excuse in the book as to why the shipment wasn't correct or hasn't been sent...yet. Check out the comments posted about Conti Couture at "Dappered Threads" and, as of this writing, in two reports at "Ripoff Report." With such poor customer service and a bad rep, I don't expect it to be in business much longer. Caveat emptor.

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Warning!!!!!!!!!       Do not purchase from this site.  I have had two experiences and both were terrible.  This person will lie to you as many times as it takes to get your money, and only if threatened will give you a refund.  Go to your local thrift store.  It will be one quarter the price and you will get your merchandise.  

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Good Morning. On October 3, 2012, I searched google for a solid black Brioni suit (no size specified). One of the links was to Conticouture. I found a solid black Brioni escorial. To my amazement, it was my size. I then emailed conticouture to see if they could send me more photos of the suit and some measurements. Gia was very prompt and extremely gracious. Later that same day I received 4 more pictures of the suit and the labels and lining in addition to the measurements that I requested. I had never heard of conticouture before, neither had I read any reviews good or bad. The suit had been $975, reduced to $675. However Gia wrote again telling me to make sure I used the Fall coupon, which took another 30% off the price. I bought it.

After buying it, Gia emailed that she included some things that might go with the Brioni. Unfortunately, after loading the package with more and having already put the postage on, the suit came back to Gia. Gia apologzed profusely and instead of sending it USPS again, then sent it UPS next day mail.

All through the process, Gia has gone way out of her way. She has been extremely helpful and most gracious. Needless to say, when the Brioni arrived, I couldn't have been happier. The suit was practically new, with unhemmed pants. It was a genuine Brioni suit.

I was so happy with conticouture, that I also bought a Loro Piana black baby cashmere sweater for 7% of what it'd cost at Neimen Marcus (93% off the NM price).

Both packages arrived, and the suit and sweater were in excellent shape.


This has been my objective experience with conticouture, and I'm happier than a pig in mud.

Thank you gentlemen.

Thank you Gia for all your help...for going way out of your way when it wasn't necessary.

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Originally Posted by Dissipointed View Post

Warning!!!!!!!!!       Do not purchase from this site.  I have had two experiences and both were terrible.  This person will lie to you as many times as it takes to get your money, and only if threatened will give you a refund.  Go to your local thrift store.  It will be one quarter the price and you will get your merchandise.  

If I had read reviews before, I seriously doubt that I'd take advice from someone who can't even spell his own screen name correctly.

Whispers: It's spelled "d..i..s..a..p..p..o..i..n..t..e..d"

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BrioniFan: You are full of it. ContiCouture is a worthless sight.  People have been ripped off.  To any reading Brioni's review, be very skeptical.  You only get lies  at ContiCouture. THE SIGHT IS A RIP OFF!!!

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