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Lip balm

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Guys, what lip balm have you found to be the best? I used Jack Black... terrible; Chap Stick... horrible. The problem being either they don't moisturize enough or they are addictive (seriously). With Chap Stick, if you don't keep reapplying, you're lips will swell and become even more chapped. Anyone try Khiel's or something better?
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I must say Mike that I have used Carmex for a couple of years, available at any convenience store or Wal-Mart for around $1.25, and have had great results. I prefer the tube for easier application, but you can also buy it in a little tin with a twist off lid (but then you have to put it on your fingers and then on your lips; too much hassle). I usually apply a tad bit at night right before I go to bed, and that way it soaks in and works its magic overnight. Give it a try. I don't think you will be disappointed. Kevin
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brave soldier makes an excellent lip balm for men (lip defender) that is gel-like in texture but works well kinesys sport makes an excellent stick lip balm that can also be used as a sunscreen for your nose and ear tips that has an spf30 factor in it, very creamy in texture kiehl's isn't bad but i personally find it too vaseline-like in texture labello is a decent over the counter stick lip balm that is moderate in price and has a number of variations (sport, spf formula etc) hopefully that helps
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Personally, I find it hard to beat Smith's Rosebud Salve. IMHO - nothing is quite like it. And, it is MUCH cheaper than many other "designer' lip balm.
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Enfuelle's Lip Treatment is the best in my book, hands down. And I've tried everything from "natural" balms to the high-tech ingredients in some of the newer mixes. The only shortcoming, it's price. Look for it at
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i like carmex best. burt's bees is good too, but it's cooling sensation can be addictive. you'll find yourself applying it more often than necessary.
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I like Blistex Daily Conditioning Treatment with SPF 15. I have been buying and using it since about 1989 and have never really considered anything else. Bradford
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I personally like chapstick. It's cheap and does its job, at least for me. I hate the Kiehl's lip balm. It's overpriced, doesn't absorb well and makes your lips shiny. You might as well just buy Vaseline.
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