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What airport are you currently in? (WAAYCI) (Meat-up Thread) - Page 4

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Originally Posted by fwiffo View Post

IMaybe next time someone can help me get into the Delta lounge.

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YYZ to ATL (T1, Transborder) 6/27 ~2:30 PM in time for the Euros, and ATL to YYZ (International Terminal, F) on 6/30 ~9am in time for....God knows what.
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Was sitting in Denver's Terminal B for about 3 hours yesterday. Totally forgot about this thread
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BTR currently, ATL around 5ish, should be in AMS for 10am local time, and LBA around 1pm.
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next two weeks

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I could have had a chance for Munich but lately people want to come to Toronto instead. I reckon it's so they don't have to travel to Toronto in January. And I missed the other chap at ATL by a day. Getting closer!

I will be at my usual YYZ (Terminal 1 Transborder) 7/9 ~3:00 PM and back from ATL 7/11 (Concourse F, International Terminal) ~5:00 PM.
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Pamplona to Madrid to Manchester today.
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spending the night in Zurich airport hotel. I was supposed to fly thesoloniki athens warsaw. flight was delayed to athens, rerouted zurich warsaw, then that fligth was delayed so I am stuck here for the night, and flying in the morning
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With your itinerary, I hope you have a travel agent or admin to sort it out. I can't imagine juggling so many flights together especially if it's not with a single airline.
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ATL this Thursday 7/26 5:00 PM ET - international terminal although I will probably be in concourse E racking up $100 worth of sashimi topped off with sparkling wine.
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Nothing says 'Atlanta airport' like sashimi...... ?
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Sashimi cut up by some Koreans from Puerto Rico. When they said "tako", I almost thought they were going to give me taco bell.

Also I'm doing YTZ-YUL 8/4-8/5. The first leg is early morning but I'll have lots of time to kill on the way back through YUL 8/5.
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Im at Haneda eating a katsu teishoku. I will be in the smoking lounge feeling guilty if anybody needs to find me.
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JFK Terminal 5 for the next 15 minutes or so.
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ATL tomorrow around 5pm if not earlier.
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