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desert boots for australians

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where do aussies get their DB


i am looking for some clarks but to no avail

online they are a rip off and get to 150 AUD

cheapest i found online was 120


anything cheaper?


amazon had them for 80 bucks, with shipping BAM 135

its ridiculous

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surely there are some aussies buying online


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I don't find $120-150 unreasonable for a timeless shoe that will last for years, let alone "ridiculous".


But if you really do find these prices prohibitive, then brave the wastes of ebay.  The first result of 1,168 was $95AUD delivered...

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ive bought all my DB's from Amazon

shipping has always been around $9
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G'day, probably better off asking this question in the Aussie members thread for more responses. But since you asked, I have 2 pair of DB's. 1 was bought from glue store of all places about 8 years ago (clarks originals) and the others are brown suede from Trenery. Both were around $100-$150 on sale.

The prices you are finding are not that bad in my opinion. Cheers, Jason.
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I couldn't find a Clark's stockist in Oz when I was looking a couple of years ago. Ended up buying online from the UK (sorry - can't remember where from) . Don't think I paid as much as that but they're 60 quid plus here in Blighty so it's not as bad a mark up as some. Still come's in cheaper than buying them from Country Road, I'd imagine.
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