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First Trip to London - $300-~$1,000 Sartorial Souvenir?

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As the title says - if you were visiting London for the first time and wanted to drop $300-$1000 on some sartorial goodness to remember the trip, what would you choose?  Can be one item or multiple - clothes/accessories/shoes/ties all acceptable!

Interested to see some of your choices. 



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I'll bite, since just about everything is exported or available online, something hard to get or offbeat. Some ideas.

Go thrifting, you might uncover a wear le Saville Row suit.
Fragrances, some old school ones like Penhaligon's or George Trumper are hard to find. Trumper also makes some really cool shaving items.
Artisnal crafts, hand knit Fair Isle sweaters and Tea sets.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head.
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Easy. Covert coat. Very versatile, very sharp and only really available in the UK.
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James Smith umbrella
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Originally Posted by DocHolliday View Post

James Smith umbrella

Oooh! Sword cane!
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Really like the responses so far!  I'm currently living in NYC, so as you said, a lot of things are available here one way or another already.  The umbrella/covert coat (this was totally new to me and looks amazing)/ fair isle sweaters are exactly the kind of ideas I was looking for.


This forum is such a great source of knowledge, thank you.

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Was going to say get some shoes, but since you live in NYC you can get all that stuff anyway.
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go to a bespoke shoe place like lobb or cleverly and buy a wallet or something - most of that stuff is made in house so you get something nice, see a real live bespoke shoe store and chit-chat with the proprietors
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Visit Cordings. The address is 19 Picadilly ... not at all far from Savile Row and Jermyn Street.

Yes, it can now be purchased on the Internet, but nothing beats buying in the store.
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