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Congrats on the black sub, excellent watch and usable in every situation
but if people don't care about watch why bother buying one, you can easily look for the time in your phone?

They do care, just not so much that they're willing to put down several thousands for one. I can't speak for others, but to me brand prestige is worthless and I don't really care if the movement has 27 jewels and whatnot, as long as it's mechanical. To me a watch is mostly jewelry that happens to be a mechanical marvel that tells the time and date. First and foremost they're beautiful objects and thus I should like how they look. These days you can find plenty of automatic watches that don't break the bank, look good, tell time accurately etc.
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Let's get back on track here. OP, What is your budget? Preference for leather band, or link? how hard to you plan to take it on this watch? Do you want to wear it on vacation/on a boat, or will this be worn to school/work and outings in the city only? There are plenty of watches, new and old that are in the 36-38mm range that should fit you quite nicely and fit the bill.

For under $1k you can't go wrong with a vintage seamaster or mid century-style watch. A thinner watch/strap combo would probably suit your wrist better. What do you think of the Bauhaus style? These are usually very thin, and elegant for non sporting use.

How about the german pilot/Fliegler/B-Uhren style? They are a little more ruggged, but can be dressed up or down with the right band. If you like those, Archimede has them in sizes from 36/38/and up with an ETA movement.

Whichever one of these watch styles is a good choice for your first watch.
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Yeah, we really need some data here:

- price range

- kind of watch (dressy/sporty)

- quartz or mechanical

would be helpful.
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Timex is your best option and they last long
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An important consideration is the shape of your wrist, not just its circumference. A flatter wrist can take a bigger watch than a rounder wrist of the same circumference.


Generally speaking, "cheap" watches that aren't utter garbage will usually be Seiko and Citizen. Get thee to your nearest authorized dealer and try some on.

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