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Here are pictures of the London store in Belgravia:

La Maison Corthay
24A Motcomb Street
London SW1 8JU
044 (0) 20 7235 5481

A small collection of Corthay is also available in Harrods shoe department.
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Thank you, I hope they have more selection in the La Maison store
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Originally Posted by guzi4real View Post


your valuable recent feedback has encouraged me to do further research for a next pair of shoes -- Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
thank you for that! The fragility of Berluti shoes seems to have been covered extensively on the forum and I have ruled them out since this would be a second pair of work shoes that I will eventually end up wearing a lot. I have also ruled out Weston (my experience described in this thread) but also Church (I was initially considering them but posts here suggest a recent rise of prices and drop in quality). 

The suggestions you made seem indeed to get consistently favorable comments and some models are just so beautiful! ... I just have some difficulty finding out an estimate of price range these brands might cost --the corresponding websites are not always helpful. Can I therefore ask for your review on the estimates I came up with so far (including shoe trees) ?

- John Lobb : starting at 1000 euro ? (based on the price in dollars of a pair of Chelmsford on the US website) 
- Edward Green: starting at 1200-1300 euro ? (based on a couple of forum posts)
- Corthay: starting at 850-900 euro ? (based on articles around the internet)

Another question: should I also rule out Santoni shoes? They seemed to be commented as "fragile" too. 

Thanks in advance for any help you could provide. 

your perception is a good example of groupthink, following the drum beaters and brand whoring, imo.
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Originally Posted by fritzl View Post

your perception is a good example of groupthink, following the drum beaters and brand whoring, imo.

For a good, reliable one, you can't go wrong with C&J handgrade, not the cheapest but you paid for their reliability, always reacts with polish well, just skip their poor fitting shoetree and buy some from Jones.

For expensive work shoes, I had tried EG, JL, but I don't think they beat my corthay, the softest leather that barely crease, also comes with shoe trees, just a lack of aggressive fiddleback waist

I believed a worthwhile EG will be around £750-800, worthwhile JL would be £900, corthay all of their model is around £875-920.

Corthay last is perhaps narrow, but their soft leather is very easy to stretch, I have a wide feet and still manage to squeeze in it.
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@fritzl: thank you for your honesty. Please note that I have no wish to feel part of any particular group; I am just calling on the anonymous opinions of members of this forum to further research the purchase of a product which is expensive and for which I have almost no experience buying, wearing or taking care of. IMHO, defining my perception as groupthink is a bit unfortunate. If you have some time, I'd be grateful and delighted to read your opinion and recommendation. 
@add911_11: today I discovered a shop in my hometown that sells Edward Green, John Lobb and Pierre Corthay shoes. I found these two little beauties that you can see below (apologies for the bad quality smartphone photos --the colors are off due to the mixture of natural and artificial light): 
I was rather unimpressed by the EG and JL in display. I've found out that there is also a C&J shop in my hometown which I hope to visit tomorrow. To my untrained eye the designs between these three brands look equivalent; this might make me buy the cheaper C&J for the time being and possibly get a pair of Pierre Corthay at a later moment. 
I promise to keep you posted. Thank you again. 
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