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In the last issue of Men's Health, there was an article on how to lose 15 lbs in 3 weeks. The diet part was pretty unsavory.(4 cups of celery every day..eww) BUT. They had a good idea that I used. They told you to drink 1 ounce (30ml) of water per pound of current body weight. They said that by doing this ALONE you could lose 5 lbs over 3 weeks. I tried it ...and it worked..
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Seeing as I'm about 200lbs, that calculation would mean that I would have to drink about 6 litres of water a day. I hope where you work there's a lot of bathrooms around because I can see a lot of trips to the bathroom with that much liquid passing through your system.
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Gdawg Yup. In the beginning that is what happened. Your body adapts to the increased fluid still go alot...but not as bad as at first. It was worth it
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More than anything else in the world, people will jump at the chance to believe many myths and hype about diet and exercise.  Most of what you hear from your buddies at the gym isn't worth squat.  Every person reacts differently (genetics) to a particular exercise regimen or dietary makeup.  Plus anything they are telling you, they probably heard from some joker as well.  My girlfriend is a nutritionist, working on becoming a Registered Dietician and I have been involved in competitive bodybuilding (amatuer, I'm a CPA to earn my living) since my college football days were over.  Here are some things that are true on a high level for everyone. 1) If you want six-pack abs, its going to cost you.  It will most likely cost you sugar, salt and alcohol.  Sugar because its the simplest chain carbohydrate.  This means it is absorbed by your body almost instatnly and must be removed from your bloodstream, which causes a rush of insulin (that's the downer feeling you get about 45 minutes after eating a lot of sugar).  Insulin inhibits fat burning, on top of that the sugar that was just taken from your blood must be used relatively quickly or stored, in the form of fat.  Little known fact, sugar can turn into bodyfat within 24 hrs., dietary fat (from meat, oil, etc) will take 36-48 hours.  Salt makes you hold water under your skin.  If you're holding a lot of water you won't see your cuts.  Alcohol is 100% empty calories, nothing your body can readily use, turns to fat quickly (plus if get loaded you're more likely to eat something you shouldn't). 2) Cardio is king, but weights get it going.  You can't see your abs because they're covered in fat, the only way to burn fat is through aerobic exercise, at least 20 minutes in duration.  For most people intensity is more important than duration.  Most will burn more calories doing a 20 minute sprint-jog interval then a 40 min med pace jog.  It is important to lift before you do cardio.  This way the weight training can be done explosively, as its meant to be, and you'll have burned all stored glycogen in your muscles.  So then, when you hit the treadmill, your body will instantly go to fat reserves for energy.  I know most people don't want to look like Triple-H, but when your muscles (this includes large muscles such as the heart and lungs) are at rest (like at work if you're an office type) they utilize fat as an energy source.  So, the larger your muscles, the more fat burned just being there. 3) Cardio will not significantly change your metabolism.  The best way to speed up your metabolism is to eat more often.  If you consume roughly the same number of calories per day, but break it up into 5 evenly spaced meals you will not believe the difference.  Note that by a "meal" you can have something like a nutrition /protein bar, hardboiled eggs or a small portion of chicken or tuna, I obviously don't mean an entire meal.  If your body expects it will be getting food every four hours, it will be less likely to store it for later.  Again, storing means fat.  One huge myth that has been roundly disproven, but people don't want to let go of is the late night eating concept.  ITS NOT BAD FOR YOU..  Eating a high amount of carbs late is bad for you because you are going to bed and will not be active.  Eat a whole roasted chicken before you go to bed if you want, but stay away from carbs after 7-8 at night.  (again, if you want abs, no sugar ever)  It sounds like BS but your body is amazing in how it can adapt. 4) Morning workouts can be more beneficial to most people because you haven't consumed anything for 6-8 hours and you don't have much glycogen stored in your muscles.  Your body reverts to using stored fat as an energy source more quickly.  But if you don't feel like you're getting results, don't do it. 5) The only way to change your body is with diet AND exercise, one alone won't work.  There is no magic formula, so stop hoping for one.
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Excessive masturbation's supposed to help build abs too, although you can take it from me that it's bullshit. I find that regular crunches and sit-ups are a great way to build abs fairly quickly. If you're looking for a painless method, however, I can't help you.
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Nobody has yet mentioned ephedra-based fat burners like Hydroxycut and Xenadrine.  I'm sure they work for some people, but based on my experience, they don't work that well on the "margins" (i.e., if you are already in good shape, they won't turn you into a Men's Health cover model).  They just made me jittery and sweat profusely.  Has anyone had success with these supplements?
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If you like Hydroxycut, you will LOVE T2Pro (by Biotest). I am currently using that with Mag-10 and my workouts are throught the roof.
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If you like Hydroxycut, you will LOVE T2Pro (by Biotest).  I am currently using that with Mag-10 and my workouts are throught the roof.
When I use to work out, I prefered using Clenbuterol and Cytomel instead of ephedra based products- much less jittery. LOng term ephedra use leads to some really annoying side effects that are much worse than jitteriness as well.
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Nobody has yet mentioned ephedra-based fat burners like Hydroxycut and Xenadrine.  
I dunno, I'm a bit scared of stuff like that. (Didn't the Metabolife guy die of a heart attack in his 40s?) I don't really do supplements, be they creatine or ephedra or shark cartilage or whatever's hip at that moment. I just don't like taking pills. I take a multivitamin every day, and occasionally an Advil for headaches. Oh, and I'll drink the odd coffee or Red Bull. But that's it. The best way to help your workouts is to eat well. When I moved to Austria and started buying fresh veggies every day instead of following the American practice of near-weekly shopping, my workouts improved markedly. Completely giving up soda for water, milk, and juices also raised my workouts to a new plane. I definitely eat meats all the time, but find myself eating more fish now. I often don't do much special to it, just marinate it in something (maybe) and then throw it on the George for a couple minutes. So cooking's easy. My vice? I still eat chocolate. I love the stuff. And it's killing me that really good and inexpensive stuff like Milka's Alpenmilch ("Alpine Milk") is now available at every Target in Atlanta, and Lindt has opened standalone stores... Still, I would recommend making dietary changes before taking supplements whose worth is unproven and whose potential side effects are undocumented at best. Peace, JG
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