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Problem with Weston shoes

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Dear all, 
first post for me, so if I'm breaking any forum rules I'll happily delete this. 
As I was shopping for my first pair of nice shoes (Westons) I noticed a tiny indentation on the left shoe, visible only when a direct reflection was on it. I thought to myself that it should be normal and that I should embrace it as a mark of character (this and also the fact that there was no other pair for my size in stock). 
Immediately after buying the shoes, I send them to the local shoemaker to install thin rubber soles and front irons. I got the shoes back after 10 days and before wearing them for the first time, I shined them using the Weston cream that was sold to me with the shoes. This is when a big, very visible stain appeared, at the exact spot where I had noticed that indentation I mentioned above: 
I was destroyed, my brand new shoes had a big stain and I hadn't even wore them yet :-( I took them back to the Weston shop, fearing that they would refuse to help me due to the rubber soles & irons I had fitted on the shoes; however (albeit a bit suspiciously) they accepted to send them back to the factory, to "re-color" them. I should have them back in more or less one month. 
My questions to fellow forum readers are the following: has such thing happened to you? Also, can I be confident that the stain will not appear again if they just "re-color" them? Should I maybe insist on an exchange? 
Thank you in advance for your time and answers. 
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With my apologies, this is a duplicate thread. Find the original here:

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