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Does it seem like your demanding life is starting to get the better of you? Do not let it. If anxiety was a disease, it might be said that it has reached epidemic proportions in the US, and probably world-wide. The problem is that people, especially women, do not know the best way to deal with it properly. Try teaching yourself. Here are a few key reasons for anxiety and how to treat them. Locate the article here: Stress less: Here’s how


Things left undone


One major trigger of stress is the idea that you do not have enough time to get everything done you needs to do. However, according to Robert Leahy, Ph.D., author of The Worry Cure, "Time pressure is almost always artificially created, and a lot of people never notice the things that go undone." Do not worry if your bookshelves are not dusted or there are some toys scattered around the floor. True friends won’t care and husbands do not generally notice.


Appearances can be deceiving


Another thing women often anxiety about is their physical appearance. We all want to look our best, but we often expend a ton of time and effort that is entirely unnecessary. Try making things easier on yourself. Julien Farel, a New York City hairstylist, proposes, "A shaggy style with a ton of layers, or any short haircut [like a bob with bangs] are the very best styles for a low-maintenance and flattering look.”


Things that don't matter


Stress will never entirely go away, and that is as it should be. Pressure and that sense of tension is what helps push us through to the end of big projects or gives us that adrenaline rush that can spark off great ideas. Just do not anxiety about the stuff that doesn’t matter. You can live by the maxim, “This too, shall pass.”





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