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For Sale: RLBL 48/38

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
RLBL 48/38

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Barely used RLBL suit - was only worn twice (CA Grad and an interview)

This has been sitting in my closet and wanted to see if anyone was interested as it is too nice a suit to be withering away unloved.

I can get measurements for interested parties

Charcoal Herringbone which is a nice subtle touch and amazing in person. See pictures for details but my crappy pictures don't do the suit justice

I'm having my brother take these for me since I'm at work so please take them with a grain of salt. This should fit like a stock RLBL suit because the only alteration made was that the waist was taken out a little bit (reversible and done by a reputable tailor) and the pants were hemmed (again, reversible)

Chest: 18.7 (front) + 19.1 (back) = 37.8
Shoulder = 18
Length = 32
Sleeve = 24.5

Waist (aligned) = 16
Front Rise = 10
Back Rise = 15.6
Upper Thigh = 11.5
Knee = 9.2
Leg op = 8.5
Inseam = 32.5

Shipping is included in US and Canada.
Paypal only please - add 2% (I will split the fees)
Item to be shipped from Canada (Calgary, Alberta)

Thanks for the overwhelming interest! These have been sold smile.gif
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good deal on a staple, hard to find size rlbl suit
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Great price! someone pick this up!
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Measurements, please.
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+1 great deal, wish this fit me!!

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Can we get measurements please?
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Interested in measurements but might be slightly too big :)

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