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I recently switched over to sensitive toothpaste (specifically Colgate) because I've been using Opalescence quite a bit lately, but other than that I can't really say I've ever noticed any difference among the probably 20 or 30 different brands I've used over the years. I think it really comes down to just finding one that you prefer the taste of most -- it's fairly reasonable to assume that the whole "whitening toothpaste" concept is largely a consumer marketing tactic.
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I use Arm & Hammer, I'm quite pleased with it.
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Originally Posted by Young Scrappy View Post
tom's of maine

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Eh, I just use Ultrabrite from Walmart for a dollar a tube.

I like the orange foamy Aqua Fresh best, but it's way too expensive.

I have an Oral-B Triumph, so I don't think it matters what kind of paste I use, I'm still better off than someone using whatever fancy toothpaste with a cheap, manually operated, analogue, 20th century toothbrush
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Has anyone tried the Liquid Calcium in the Arm and Hammer toothpaste? Intriguing idea.........that there's liquid calcium to fill in thin enamel, etc. Just wonder if it's really true....
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Apparently, the correct answer is 'none'. Dentists are finding a lot of toothpaste is extremely abrasive; however, it tastes good so people will brush longer... and they end up damaging the enamel on their teeth. The study said the affects look like the teeth were 'sandblasted' and they were recommending using very little toothpaste, if any.
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Sounds interesting. How could they recommend not using toothpaste? What types of toothpaste were tested? Link, please?
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colgate total
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Rembrandt's premium with peroxide has quite the price tag for a small tube of toothpaste, but I feel like I seriously just left the dentist after using it.
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interesting study. may i ask what journal it was published in? i'd like to read up on it.

i personally use colgate total, but as long as you're brushing at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, i don't really care.

if you're looking for a floss recommendation, i give glide a strong promotion, especially for those with tight contacts and have floss rip on them frequently. i have very tight contacts and these are a breeze to floss with. if you don't have tight contacts, any type of floss will work just fine.
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I like this Colgate brand I have from Suisse.
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i use Colgate Oxygen, by far the best toothpaste ive used so far. So deliciously minty that i want to eat it
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Colgate is the most favorite for me. I never bought other brands.
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colgate total
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bmpin old thread, what is the name of that red toothpaste? saw it in a gq mag or somewhere, looked old school but had a good write up.
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