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Originally Posted by StylinGuy View Post

sounds like he fell off the wagon...

+1, trying again today though!
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I've quit and started again (years later) several times.

Quitting only sucks for a little while (and it isn’t easy). The first 24 hours is by far the hardest. I use the three day rule ... if you can make it three (3) days you're there.

I'm nicotine free for about 10 days from more than a pack-a-day, nicotine gum plus e-cigs. If I can help, just let me know.
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Why quit smoking? I made too much money off of the tobacco industry this past year.. 

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i quitted smoking becos of my health issue.

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Hi Javyn,

Agree with you that will power is important factor in hitting your goals and like to share some tips to quit smoking here.

Set a quit day and make it special for you and ask your friends and family to support you in your decision. Do not buy cigarettes, save money you would spend on cigarettes and plan for a treat tomorrow. Avoid going to places where you might found smokers and do start some sport, exercise or any physical activity. 

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