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I can't access the links I'm afraid, maybe because I'm not in the US it just goes through to the CK homepage.

This is my advice for what to wear to any white collar job interview.

Dark navy 2 button suit where the jacket fits well at the shoulders and back of the collar and has good waist suppression.
Trousers that are fairly slim and have a small amount of break. If it has belt loops, wear a simply black belt.
Dark blue or black socks with black oxfords, semi-brogues or penny loafers in descending order of preference.

White shirt where the collar fits very well. The rest is less important as you are unlikely to take you jacket off (do not in the interview, if it is a longer assessment day with group exercises etc try not to but it will be more likely that you will at some point).
Don't worry too much about cuffs as long as they are well fitted enough that they dont fall below the base of your thumb (where it meets your wrist). Only go for French cuffs if you have some nice conservative cufflinks already, or don't mind buying some.

Wear any tie that is conservative. Hint: if you have to ask "is this conservative?" the answer is probably not. Pick a blue or red that best suits your complexion.

Keep your top button fastened when you are standing, unbuttoned when seated.

Get a neat haircut at least half a week before the interview.

Go easy on the cologne. Have good breath. Smile and make good eye contact. Firm but not crushing handshake.

Read as much as you can about the company.

Good luck!
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Thank you everyone for your advice and tips!!!


After careful consideration, I returned the CK suit. Unfortunately I couldn't find the second one I had linked to in the store, so then I was in a bit of a panic what to do. I checked out a few stores in the mall to find a more conservative gray, but couldn't really find anything that matched up with what I wanted, and if I did, the price was out of my budget (e.g. Brooks Brothers had a great suit, but it was too much unfortunately).


Alas, I found one at Banana Republic! I know it's not one of the "big name" suits, but I really liked the color (much closer to charcoal, though a little lighter), and it fit really well! On top of that, they were having a sale and so I got the suit for $180! 


When I got home I almost had a panic attack though, when I noticed it had two flaps in the back? Being a complete novice I was like what the heck are these!? After googling around, found out those are called "side vents" or "double vents", and I think are fine. There was caution for heavier people to go with the side / double vents, but I'm pretty slim, so I think that should be fine.


I'm going to go with the white shirt underneath, though not sure on the tie still. I saw the suggestions here and will likely go with a solid blue that I have. Although, is it better to go with a striped tie with the solid suit and dress shirt?


Anyway, I'm really nervous about this interview, and hope I get it. After losing my job recently, I really need this one. 

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