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For those who it safe? does it work? is it worth it? any input on this matter could help greatly thanks a lot
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I took Xenadrine about two years ago and had pretty good results. I can't specify on how safe it is, but I know it contains ephedrine. My roommate is taking something called Stacker 2 and he said that it gives him good energry for workouts and he has lost about 10 pounds in two weeks. I'm not a doctor, so take at your own risk.
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Just like anything, when taken in moderation it is safe. I Usually take a product called Dymetadrine Xtreme(from AST which is cheaper and really boosts my energy.
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I use Hyrdoxycuts and/or Ripped Fuel. Both give great energy, but make the heart race about 1000 beats a minute. If you do start using Xenadrine, or any other thermogenic product, STAY AWAY from caffine products.
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thanks guys, i appreciate the help here, the gq forum is really shot to sh.t, thanks again
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Having tried several supplements, I am currently taking Xenadrine and I really like it. To be honest I think it is better for giving you the energy to work out hard than for actually helping you lose weight (more rapidly), but this isn't nessecarily a bad thing. I workout regularily and am not really interested in losing a lot of weight, but I take the recommended dose of Xenadrine on a regular basis. It has also allowed me to stop relying upon any sort of coffee, soda, etc. I'd much rather get my dirty pleasure of caffeine/energy boost from something that actually stimulates muscle-sparing fat loss than several cups of coffee.
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Does it work, fat-loss wise, if you work out once a month? Not to lose 10 pounds, but to accentuate(sp) your six pack? amy clue?
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