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My Thoughts on Mad Men

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If Mad Men (the AMC series takes place in the 1960s Ad Agency Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce) continued into the 1970s. Roger Sterling would wear the same suit style like the late John Inman as Mr. Humphries on Are You Being Served? and Don Draper would grow his hair like the late Trevor Bannister as Mr. Lucas. LOL! What do you think!

vlcsnap-2010-11-09-20h57m38s2201.jpg 1970s fashions in the UK. I wonder what it would look like on Roger Sterling and Don Draper if Mad Men went 1970s?
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Check out the photos in the brilliant Hollywood bio 'The Kid Stays in The Picture' and you can see what I believe to be a fairly typical transformation of Robert Evans as he goes from late sixties clean cut pretty boy to seventies louche with massive sidies and sloppy greasy hair over his collar. He never did stoop so low as to grow a tash.

Elvis followed a similar path, starting earlier than Mad Men with his DA and quiff, returning from military service as a clean cut preppy style then slowly growing out his hair and sidies along with the width of his lapels and flares

I reckon the Mad Men crew would follow a similar arc into the sartorial doom of the decade that style forgot.
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I would suspect that most of the major character would stick to their early 60s style with fairly minor revisions. They don't do change well. Some of the characters like Pete or Peggy would end up going with the new fashions, but I don't see the Dons and Rogers adapting.
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The season five premiere episode timeline begins on Memorial Day, May 30, 1966–roughly seven months after season four ended.

Probably why the costumes and hairstyles don't look like "Are You Being Served?" Presumably AMC are taking great care to avoid any obvious anachronisms and goofs.
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It strikes me how boring (and small) the ties were in the 60s, but after reading myself up on it, smaller ties with less color was indeed the norm back then.
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