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I know this isn't a great authority but...

and from personal experience, straight up, i can't wear extra slim fit 14.5, 32 but the BB00 fits perfectly. i'm pretty sure it is slimmer than extra slim fit but i will defer to my elders
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Anything by BB isn't slim fit let's be honest.
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I know exactly what you mean! I really like Charles Tyrwhitt's overall tailored-looking aesthetic (and I loved the shoes I bought from them) but when the "extra slim fit" shirts I ordered still billowed at the waist it was a disappointment. I too am looking for something classically tasteful, not too much more than $50, and that flatters a broad shouldered, slim physique (I am 6', 175, 39 chest and 32 waist). Surely it can't be that hard? Ideas, gentlemen, please.  

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What neck size are you buying?
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I found some nice One at TM Lewin.

I was verry happy about the 17.5 with a 38 length in slim fit
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Just found this thread. Tried some M&S Slim Fits. Pretty cozy. 



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Originally Posted by stevent View Post

Epaulet, Thom Browne, Wolf v. Goat Before Dinner, Gant Hugger, plenty of options here. Jil's not cut slim compared to some of these brands.



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I beg to differ. I have a ~39" chest and 33 inch waist




RLBL and Turnbull & Asser slim fit are pretty good OTR, but I agree with just getting a shirt which fits your neck, shoulders and sleeves and darting it.



Originally Posted by Recoil View Post

Agreed. This is a standard drop for an OTR suit. RL Black Label is 7 and I've seen some Tom Ford that is 8. A friend of mine is 42 chest and 32 waist, he can't find anything OTR.

In terms of true OTR slim fit shirts I've pretty much given up and just get them darted for $15. Seems to be the going rate these days.



Originally Posted by Master-Classter View Post

you probably have the same issue I have, not so much that you need that much drop, but rather you maybe have a hollow back, in which case darts (cheaper too by the way) are a better solution than just slimming the sides.



Originally Posted by tricky View Post

My best options have been Kent Wang with darts and bespoke. I also sent in one of my bespoke shirts to Modern Tailor to have replicated with a bunch of shirts (mixed success with. that).


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