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#4 shell

Interesting way to use the stamp. While I am a big fan, one could look at the hole in the wallet with the Horween stamp funneling into it and make any number of jokes.
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Here is a full shell cordovan wallet made from Shinki Hikaku "Lava" Shell Cordovan. This was a shell that had a ton of variance from whiskey to orange to red-brown. Pretty crazy. I'm pretty sure it was a "mistake" in tanning but I wish I could order more like this.


Fully hand stitched and since this shell was a bit on the thicker side, I skived down the edges on all the slots to give it a slimmer profile. This model features 6 card slots, 2 hidden slots, and 1 large bill compartment. 


Very pleased with how this turned out. It is easily one of the most unique looking wallets I've made in awhile.


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Dam, that's a pretty nice color.
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Very nice.
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Oh my god! such beauty!

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looks great!

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Finished up an order for someone over on /r/goodyearwelt. This is Horween Natural Shell Cordovan for the exterior and Sokoto British Tan Goatskin for the interior. The two colors pair really well together. 


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Just finished up a few weeks of madness trying to get caught up so that means lots of new pictures.


Horween Saddle Shell Cordovan - This stuff is crazy (like natural too) where it changes depth of color significantly depending on how you hold it in the light.



Shinki Hikaku "Lava" Shell Cordovan Bifold


Additional Photos (Click to show)


Shinki Hikaku Brown Shell Cordovan Mid-Wallet


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Hey pm'ed you about pricing - 

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Originally Posted by venividivicibj View Post

Hey pm'ed you about pricing - 


Missed it - sorry! I just responded.

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It's been a madhouse with the Christmas rush but here are a few shell things I've worked on the last week or so.


Clayton Whiskey Shell Cordovan Card Holder (4 slots)


Clayton Whiskey Shell Cordovan - Modified an old design


Shinki Hikaku Emerald Green + Hermann Oak Veg Tan Bifold


Horween #8 Shell + Ilcea Mid Brown Kangaroo Bifold


Rocado SRL Black Shell with Alran Dark Gray Chevre slots and Light Grey Sokoto Goatskin lining

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Starting to get close to being caught up so I've had a bit more time for taking photos of orders. This particular one is a recent favorite. Shinki Hikaku Lava Shell Cordovan Stonewall card holder. Its a very simple design but the shell makes up for it in its crazy color variance.



Finally - a shot of nearly all my shell cordovan options. (Horween Black, #8, Natural. Shinki Hikaku Black, Emerald Green, Burgundy, Ruby Red, Brown, Lava and Natural. Conceria Cloe Olive and Rust. Clayton Burgundy, Dark Green, Navy Blue, Whiskey Tan. Ending with Rocado SRL Black, British Racing Green and Copper.)


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that dark green!
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Something a little bit different... Someone sent me a pair of vintage Alden 986s in Horween #8 Shell Cordovan and asked if I could try to make a card holder out of them. Here is the result. I documented my entire process from deconstruction, burnishing, hand stitching to edge finishing and added a bit of commentary as well. You can find that image album here. Incredibly fun project to do and I'm pleased with the results. Let me know your thoughts!



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Great imagination in that project!
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