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Aveda products

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Gentlemen, I was on Aveda's website today and noticed the abundance of products they have. I have never bought any of them, and I was wondering if you guys have bought any of their products and what you think of them. Any recommendations for which products to buy??
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what kind of products are you looking for? Hair stuff or skin stuff?
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I know this has been asked before, and recently, but I'm finishing up a bottle of Aramis face scrub. Anyone have a recommendation on what to buy for a replacement? Maybe some tea tree stuff, or hould I go to Kiehl's web site? I know someone, GQL I believe, was raving about a new Aramis product. I don't like Zirrh.
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Steve B: For a scrub, I use Aesop Tea Tree Scrub. Aesop is an Australian line sold at Barneys. The scrub is a fine grain that you mix with your cleanser (I use cetaphil.) I really like it because it has a lot of "oomph" to it, but is still gentle, if that makes any sense. It really gets rid of the dry skin on your face so your face looks fresher. The website for Aesop is Kiehl's is good too, but I don't really like their face products. If I had to use a face scrub from them, I'd use the Milk, Honey and Almond scrub. Another line to look at is Fresh (
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Fraternitystud: I'm not too crazy about Aveda products. I've only used the hair stuff and just don't see what's so special. The styling products are okay. I've used the anti-humectant pomade, which did the job, but left my hair a little greasy. I've also tried the shampoos and conditioners and didn't notice anything great about them. Personally, I use Kiehl's for all my hair needs. I've never used the skincare line from Aveda, but have heard some good things. I've heard some things about the Intensive Hydrating Mask. So if you have dry skin, you might want to try that.
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THC: Thanks.
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