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Originally Posted by stubloom View Post

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC)regulates the Care Labels sewn in garments.
I wouldn't be surprised if the FTC or the government agency responsible for customs and tariffs would have something (of a legal nature) to say about changing the labels indicating the Country of Origin Labels you intend to sew into those garments.
I don't believe that anyone can regulate the Brand Label sewn in garments. For example, men's and ladies boutiques routinely sew in their own labels into garments branded by other for that "aura of exclusivity".
Your'e say that your'e looking to start a clothing company. Yet, by your questions, you clearly know very little about the clothing business and have very limited start up capital (can't afford a plane ticket to China to scout potential production facilities?). If you believe that success in the clothing business is strictly a function of the brand label sewn in a garment, may I respectfully suggest that you invest your time in some other endeavor.

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There's a difference between outsourcing your production and buying for a company to relabel it. It should be in your contract anyways that if you order 1000 items with the intention to label it to your own company. It will be time consuming anyways if you buy 1000 polos for example to remove old label and sewn yours. It will be better to find a company that do massproduction of unlabel polo. This is if you want to do something legit. If you want to counterfeit, it is something else

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Originally Posted by ter1413 View Post

Are you just talking about branding it as "your label" or also, "Made in the USA"?

There's a variant of that I've seen here, "Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in the USA".... on counterfeit iPhones.
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Originally Posted by MikeDT View Post

Originally Posted by Man Of Lint View Post

Even if you were to fool a person here or there by wearing them, you'll still know it is a fake and a waste of money.
What satisfaction do you gain by wearing counterfeit things?

Because often that's what's available in this city, basically what fits and is of good enough quality, Clothing sizes tend towards small here and often the quality can be very poor. Spending a week in Beijing next month, clothing availability in my size tends to be somewhat better there.

Thing is it's probably not all counterfeit, I'm sure some is seconds, rejects and excess production from the factories. There seems to be a load of C&A and Sears apparel here this week, I've also seen Debenhams, Polo, Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, Gap, Marks & Spencer, Banana Republic, The Bay, Zellers, Zara, Uniqlo, Topman, Next, George(Walmart/Asda), River Island, Stone Island and Fred Perry here in Xilinhot. As well as the usual PPR and LVMH brands. Most of this stuff is in the supermarkets and indoor markets. There are plenty of Chinese brands available as well, however these nearly always have small sizes only.

Factories in the Philippines or China that produce licensed manufactured goods may run unauthorized second shifts..

Originally Posted by Man Of Lint View Post

Getting laid is the only possible answer that comes to mind and only remotely.

The girls love brands here, especially knock-off LV and Gucci handbags. smile.gif They know it's counterfeit, maybe they aspire to own the real thing one day?

An insightful post. Thank you Mike. smile.gif
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