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Levi's Tab - Cut or Keep?

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Everyone knows one keeps the main Levi's leather-looking tab in the belt area on the back - the piece with the decorative Levi's logo and pants size. But what about the tab to the right that's outside the rectangular stiching frame? It repeats the size. Is it "de rigeur" to cut it off with a scissors or retain it? Which is the "right look?"

This is my second pair of 50ws. As these, in certain blues, are the most classic of classic jeans - among the extremely few articles of clothing that are praised in about every book dealing with menswear, yet being no higher than middle price range for what they are - I'm sure some of you do have an opinion on this delicate little question.... Thanks.
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Remove all exterior branding. Don't wear logos unless you're paid to do so.
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What's with this Charlie Whitehurst picture showig up in threads here?
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Clipboard Jesus laughs at idiot threads.

edit: good man: I want you on my trivial pursuit team. It's the rare guy who knows Charlie Whitehurst's name.
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Let's get back on topic, please.
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Ok- go learn french, quantum mechanics, or leather working rather than spending time worrying about rather to cut the Levi's tag off.

And for the no-branding among you: you'd better go get the seam ripper, too, 'cause the Levi's arcuates are as famous, distinctive, and trademarked as the red tab.

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I'm a fan of carefully removing any loud or distracting branding from my clothes. I recently got a great deal on a canada goose jacket (I'm a huge tool), and the first thing I did was remove the shoulder patch with a seam ripper. The more understated/streamlined the better.

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This thread is titled wrong. He is referring to the extraneous patch material.

Cut it off.
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Sew one on with a smaller waist size ala Seinfeld.
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Actually, I purchased a pair last week Levi's had mislabeled - giving the W and L sizes in reverse. The inside label had it correct and Penney's put the correct measurements on their own tag. I bothered me to go around with the sizes in reverse, though and I ended up going back to a Penney's and finding one the same size but labeled correctly. My brother actually noticed the size on my first pair last year and commented on it, suprised I'd wear such a large size. So these do get noticed....

I don't know of any other article of clothing whereby one would cut off a piece of a "tag," of whatever one calls it.

I happen to think a brand or designer logo showing on an eyewear frame is not of the highest calibre of taste, however with Levi's it appears to be an important part of the game. I'm really only asking about the extraneous piece, though.
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The first thing I do when I open a fresh pair of 501s is rip that patch off. Completely. No need to advertise my waist and inseam measurements smile.gif
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Originally Posted by Lafont View Post

Actually, I purchased a pair last week Levi's had mislabeled -

get a life
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Yea, it's just reminder that it's actually cardboard not leather
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