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Originally Posted by Loathing View Post

It's funny how people here are saying "you dress too old for your age", &c., and then they're simultaneously saying "you need to develop your own style". And then they start whining like little bitches just because you won't jump when they clap.
People here have also been ridiculously callous regarding your body shape. You have wide hips and quads: you clearly can't wear particularly slim trousers. And those saying "you need to go to the gym to build up your upper body"; well sure, go ahead and spend 6 hours a week in the gym if you want to force yourself into that mould. But you strike me as an intelligent man with personality, who doesn't want to fit no fucking mould. I would take a guess you'd rather spend your time re-watching Sergio Leone's "Dollars" trilogy. Besides, my friend has wide hips and spent three years in the gym; he now has a 48 inch chest and a 34 inch waist. But he still has wide hips and certainly can't wear slim trousers.
With that preface in mind, this is my advice:
1. Wear more navy and deep blue. Particularly your more formal clothing. It's a youthful colour that looks modern and classic simultaneously. It's also extremely flattering on your body.
2. Someone suggested taking your clothes to a tailor. I concur. A good tailor will tell you where things need to shortened, slimmed, balanced, etc.. Suits, shirts, blazers, and trousers will all benefit hugely.
3. Try to buy clothes made of high quality, soft fabrics where possible. The way they lay on your body is extremely flattering.
4. Take your photos of your fits in a nicer room. Preferably a white room/wall with natural or at least good light. This alone will make a huge difference to the advice people give you here.


I don't see a disconnect here. OP should be encouraged to develop his own style, but within the context/framework of being a 22 year old. There are many possibilities within that framework that can work well. After losing the try-hard fedora, and then paying careful attention to fit, color, and quality of everything else, he can still look like a conservative 22 year old without looking like his grandfather.


Also, as much as you like to hate on gym-goers, it remains the single most effective way to improve your appearance, and as long as you're making efficient use of your time while in the gym and eating right while out of it, it doesn't take 6 hours a week.

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Originally Posted by Jay Biondo View Post

Certainly, I understand the intent of the advice is to steer my clothes in the right direction. I appreciate it, but I will likely not be following every single piece of advice to the letter; there will be elements of my own personal style that I will choose to retain despite being unfavorable to some here, namely the fedora (again, just occasionally, and it'll look better by the time I'm sporting quality-made clothes anyway). I plan on eventually buying a better overcoat too, when I have the financial means to do so, but I am not ready to go spending a couple hundred dollars on a sharper one yet. If I do get one, it'll be charcoal or navy most likely. My next suit should come before that, if anything. That's really what I do want to get into wearing more often, suits. From the posts I've seen in the "what are you wearing" thread, suits and sports coats seem to be a manner of dress heavily encouraged here. Maybe I'm hanging around too much in Mens Clothing and not enough in Streetwear and Denim.

About Gap and Jcrew, that's the sort of thing I'll get around to doing this summer, but I have seen some pretty atrocious fashions in magazines or websites from recent years. Wouldn't you admit some of them are over the top?

Deandbn: Thanks, I'll keep that post in mind. I'll even get myself a pocket square the chance I get.

Okay, here we go, one last time....
A 22 year old wearing suits on a regular basis to attend college is odd. Those kids in your class wearing a dress shirt and tie, probably work before or after class at a place that requires them to do so. Even the bank tellers at my bank wear that. Sure they are ill fitting dress shirts and ugly ties, but they are young, not loaded, and probably working to put themselves thru school.

You have this fantasy that people are going to mistake you for James Bond. I think Brioni did the suiting for a while, now Daniel Craig is in Tom Ford. On either account, You are not likely to replicate a Brioni suit on your budget, and it sounds like you are too conservative to go with a slimmer / more modern cut that Daniel Craig wears.

As for your fashion looks that are over the top that you are finding on websites. I dress over the top. I enjoy it. I dress over the top because I sell designer clothing and I feel like it helps people remember me, and people will often seek my help as I give off the appearance that I am into or care about fashion. In no way do I dress people in the same manner as me if they are seeking conservative clothes. A trial attorney would get kicked out of court of he showed up wearing one of my outfits. This forum doesn't believe you have the interest, financial resources, or anything else it takes to look like a runway model. You seem to be afraid of what others will think if you dress in a more fashion forward way, here is the deal....You are already peacocking so much more than you realize. Your peers are not dressing like you and you a sticking out anyway.

Now, get the priorities in line. You are waiting till summer to get casual clothes? Its summer now. Whats the purpose of saying I want to get a suit first, then an over coat. Head down to the mall pick up some summer essentials and be done with it.
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Originally Posted by tacobender View Post

Now, get the priorities in line. You are waiting till summer to get casual clothes? Its summer now. Whats the purpose of saying I want to get a suit first, then an over coat. Head down to the mall pick up some summer essentials and be done with it.

I was on board until this part. The kid is 22 and probably short on money. Use the summer to figure out your look. Then buy said look during the end of summer sales and rock it in 2013.

By the time you know your summer look for next year, you can do the same for your fall/winter wardrobe and build that during those sales.

The hardest part is figuring out what your own personal style is. Just look through magazines, pics, and these crazy streets. See what looks you like - then be very, very honest with yourself and ask if you could also pull off this look.

Sometimes I'll see a great outfit but I know it would look really out of place on me, and so I pass on it.
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I used to observe what my colleagues at work used to wear and looking around at retail stores for styling options helped me build my wardrobe.

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Originally Posted by duggyald View Post

I used to observe what my colleagues at work used to wear and looking around at StyleForum for styling options helped me build my wardrobe.
FTFY smile.gif
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Originally Posted by Jay Biondo View Post

Hi, I haven't been here very long. I'm a 22 year old college student seeking advice on how to improve my style. I'm aware of some of my current mistakes (such as baggy pants, and cheap shoes), and I would like recommendations on which elements I should focus on. I have a very limited budget, so I can't do much over $150 dollars on any one item in particular.



You said that you were just north of LA so I can't see worrying about buying coats and the like now. Begin with sportswear(or what it now called casual) nd buy the suits etc later if you have the money. If you like the 60's, classic, bit of Mod etc. there is plenty of stuff to fit the bill without looking too outré.Start with this:


Red G9 jacket (like James Dean) although he wore the G35 model but I think the G9 is better because you can wear the neckj up and  closed and the reverse pockets are nicer.


Get some Polos and T's.Lacoste is good and the crocodile is classic (ignore the nonsense on here about logos)


Get a few regular shirts in various designs and colours


A few pairs of plain sportsshoes like Puma , Cole Haan or Mephisto (expensive) and a pair of nice slipons that can be wore either casually or with a sportscoat. Stay away from wingtips and other heavy clutzy looking shoes.




Levis makes a large range of trousers so you should find an ideal fit. Check the website because not all are found in store and some are a limited run and unique and will be gone soon. Get the lightest weight denim or twill you can find because it's the most comfortable and hangs the best. Different colours within the same model are different weights so read the details.


Try this one which is the 513


And this 505 which is cut more like a trouser


The 514 is the same but cut like a jean with a lower rise


btw, if you buy 2 now you'll get 30% off and free shipping so that's like $35 a pair

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