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best fitting briefs

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Anybody know of any brands that make underwear that conforms to every part of your body and makes you feel like you're wearing nothing? I think hanro and zimmerli are among the top luxury brands, but if quality means only the fabric is better, I wouldn't know the difference on my body if I had hanes briefs or hanro mercerized cotton on me since hanes already "feels" soft on my body.  Thanks for any help.

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Okay before you laugh, I discovered these at one of the department stores at the Bev Center in L.A. a few years back.  What makes them different from every other brief I've ever worn is the pouch for your junk that they call the "trophy shelf."  It lifts your equipment up and in front of you, so it's not jammed into your crotch against your legs.


This is truly the most comfortable underwear I've ever worn, and after trying it I couldn't figure out why everyone doesn't make theirs the same way.



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Hmm, their website is no longer referring to the "trophy shelf" nor do they seem to be making them out of bamboo fabric, which I liked.  Here is a link to a site still selling the original style I loved so much:

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Bamboo is a sham. You're wearing rayon btw.
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Lululemon makes nice boxers, no fly however.  Very lightweight and comfortable.  Expensive, but not so much as Hanro, Zimmerli, etc.

Some like the Brooks Brothers fancy boxers, they even have Sea Island, not my cuppa.

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I love the boxer briefs at Urban Outfitters.

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Anybody have any fit pics?
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Many briefs feature a fly in the front.

Why no fly in the back?

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Originally Posted by F. Corbera View Post

Many briefs feature a fly in the front.
Why no fly in the back?

This is an interesting question. A fellow I knew who lived in the mid-east in the early '70s noticed that the natives who switched over from traditional robes to western dress often would cut a slit in the back of their trousers...
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Surely no one answer - it depends upon your shape.
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I'm not a fabric expert, but bamboo being a sham - ok.  I called C-in2it's customer service line to inquire about the trophy shelf construction - why it's not on their website any longer.  The guy said they had manufacturing yield problems and issues with the seams, so they stopped producing it.  FYI here is a photo of what the trophy shelf looks like.  It makes total sense - why do women have bras which hold up their breasts and support them, but we have briefs that just mash your equipment into your crotch?  Truly the most comfy underwear in history.  Maybe it was a tough sell - the first time I saw it (Bloomingdale's, i think) I scratched my head:



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I think you're confusing an erection(pic#1) with an erectile dysfunction(pic#2)
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2xist makes boxers with a pouch similar to the trophy shelf your describing. All the styling is super gay though.
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I have bought a couple of CK modal briefs and they have gone to the top of my rotation. Kinda expensive $25 or so, but with macy's coupons, you can get them cheaper. Try em you won't regret it.
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RTW? Seriously?
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