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I have had diarrhea for two weeks and am tired of pepto and/or imodium. HELP...
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Samnick, I had your same problem at the beginning of school this year, my school food sucks. Also, I lactose intolerant when I was younger. So what you need do is stick with the BRAT diet. 1)Bread 2)Rice 3)Applesauce 4)Toast . No special servings, just eat this stuff. With this you should be feeling better soon. Until then it's just a shitty situation. I would also advise GO TO THE DOCTOR. Two weeks is a long time for your body not to function correctly. \t Parsonsdb
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I'm a big fan of the doctor's office. I had a rash in my underarms and all my friends said to save the $75 and just switch deoderants. I laughed in their silly faces and went the doctor's office anyway. His verdict? "You're allergic to your deoderant. Use another brand." Ah, but then he wrote me a prescription for a cortizone that will get rid of the rash in 24 hours and can be used whenever I have any other kind of rash. Plus he wrote me a free script for Claritin just as a bonus.
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