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Is this Balmain chain wallet authentic?

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Can anybody help me authenticate this Balmain chain wallet? I got it off of eBay and the seller was from Thailand. Not that I have anything against Thailand but I've come to be suspicious of anything that's from overseas.
Please help me authenticate this wallet.

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Did the Ebay vendor have many similar items and used "authentic" and "genuine" many times in their auction descriptions? Nothing bad about buying from overseas, however one should certainly be suspicious of any famous brand lux products on Ebay coming from SE Asia, e.g. Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc. Hopefully you didn't pay too much money for it.
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He didn't have 10 of the same wallet but he did have another one recently sold for around $127 (w/ free shipping).

It originally retails for around $450.

I made a dispute on PayPal to hold my payment until I try to authenticate the wallet but the seller escalated it to claim as soon as that happened, which means my time is running out.
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i like how people buy an item from a brand and think they got a "deal" when they get it at a discount, but in reality the item was only worth so little in the first place.

so you bought a "$450" wallet for $127 that is really only worth $50 without that balmain logo. is that really a deal lol? you overpaid $77 anyways.

genuis marketing tactics in the fashun industry.

that cheap looking wallet would have been a rip off if it was a fake or if it was real.

and if can't tell if it is real dont buy, it is not like others can tell or will care if you flash your balmain wallet lol
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probably very old balmain, doubt they sell any wallets for $450 now.
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I usually assume for East Asia = fake. It's a little difficult to tell from those pictures, but nothing jumps out at me as wrong. It seems to have the discreet rock n' roll Balmain vibe going on, although the whole thing screams dated to me.
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Bumping this thread.

Yours is fake.
The leather should be more shiny.
(Also, the inside should be made of a really soft suede)
+ This is the most counter-feited Balmain wallet. Anything that's from eBay, or worse : iOffer x coming from Asia will be a fake, an overpriced fake.




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Thanks. This was the answer I was looking for. The sad part is, it's 4 months late now. Anyhow, watch out for the eBay seller forrestspirit73 from Thailand.
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You may still be able to file a chargeback on your credit card. Not sure what the time limit is, but it's definitely worth looking into.
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I wish...but I paid with PayPal. I already had a case opened and closed. Don't think there's anything I can do now. baldy[1].gif
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Did you use your paypal balance or credit card through paypal? Always pay with credit card through paypal.

You could always buy another one now and open a new case... won't help on the old one, but will be a headache for the seller.
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