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Altering a cashmere sweater?

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My fiancé was kind enough to get me a cashmere sweater from JCrew for a Christmas gift. Since then I've ended up losing 20 pounds and now it fits more like a bathrobe (there are worse problems out there I guess!). Is it possible to alter a sweater? Can any normal alterations tailor handle it?

The length isn't an issue, mostly the waist. I've included a picture of the pattern if it helps.

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This question is very interesting and I really want to know if it's possible to alter a swearter... Have you already decided to alter the sweater you showed?
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It is a relatively simple process to bring the sweater in at the sides, though I still wouldn't trust this to an alterations seamstress. A re-weaver or proper tailor is a better bet. However, much more than that and you're likely looking at a headache. It further complicates the process that this a cable-knit. It will require some doing to get things to match up. I wouldn't recommend it if the sweater has any patterns/designs.

Obviously there is some sentimentality involved here, and I don't mean to be rude, but for the price of a J. Crew sweater you might as well just get a new one.

EDIT: Is it my monitor or is the sweater stained to Hell? confused.gif
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Really weird...  I just noticed that as well.  I think that may have been poor lighting on one section of the sweater as I have never noticed it in the mirror.  (and yes, there is some sentiment involved here :-))

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I'd get a new sweater, but hey that's just me..
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